2016 №2 (51) Content


A.A. Kolesnikov

Modeling of the professionally-oriented situations as a means of professionally-oriented linguistic competence development (high school)

I.V. Kareeva, O.V. Ivanova

The formation of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional tolerance in students of higher education institutions at the example of the Academy of the Federal Penal servitude of Russia

A.A. Krivushin

The elective course on solar-terrestrial physics for physical and mathematical schools


G.Sh. Sagatelyan, S.A. Dyadya, I.V. Filipchuk

Two cases. Russian provinces and the political power struggle before and after Stalin’s death

E.N. Kostyleva

The development of the State nobility land bank in the Ryazan province (1901–1917)

N.A. Chikanova

Image of N.M. Yadrintsev in portraits and photos

A.M. Rodriguez

Muslim rituals: the Qiblah

Yu.O. Tolmachev

The Sino-Indian border conflict of 1962

S.V. Stepanova

Switzerland and European Union: the development of relations


O.V. Vrublevskaya

Anthropomorphic periphery as an activity zone of linguistic fashion

Уu.A. Yuzhakova

Pseudo-composite sentences with the meaning of equality in the Russian language

N.I. Belunova

Textual cohesion and coherence in letters to friends (at the example of letters of Russian intelligentsia of the late 19th – early 20th centuries)

N.S. Kolotilova

The reduction of adjectival actants: valency at the supra-phrasal level

L.V. Ilyukina

Areal characteristics of beverage denomination in the dialects of the Ryazan region

I.V. Gracheva

The riddles of “Extraordinary adventures” of a Ryazanian peasant


M.A. Voytishina, E.I. Kistrina, G.E. Lokteeva

The peculiarities of strategic planning in Russia and abroad

E.Yu. Liskina

Corporate taxation: comparing models


V.A. Krivtsov, A.Yu. Vorobyev, M.M. Komarov

The Oka river and the evolution of relief in the southern part of the Meschera lowland in the quaternary period

Yu.N. Voronina

The assessment of tourist resources in protected areas


Mathematics: basic and applied researches and problems of education: international scientific and practical conference