2016 №2 (51) Article 5

E.N. Kostyleva

The development of the State nobility land bank in the Ryazan province (1901–1917). P. 48- 57.


UDC 947(Р473.8) «1901/1917»

The paper treats the activities of the Ryazan Department of the State Nobility Land Bank during the final period of its work. The paper maintains that the main aim of the government was to support landed nobility whose land was mortgaged to the nobility bank and to suppress the growing number of untitled members of the land owing classes. The State Nobility Land Bank focused on executing mortgages and remortgages, which did not affect the amount of debts of the nobility. The Bank thoroughly assessed the mortgaged lands. The paper maintains that banking operations were susceptible to fluctuations in mortgage rates, local climatic and agricultural peculiarities, monetary policy. In the Ryazan Province, especially in its southern part, the revolutionary movement manifested itself through agricultural strikes. The analysis of pre-

revolutionary press serves as a basis for a comparative study of the State Nobility Land Bank and other political and economic forces. The paper maintains that up to 1906 (the year of the Stolypin agrarian reforms) the State Nobility Land Bank used to be the main mortgage institution.

State Nobility Land Bank, noble land owners, mortgage, remortgage, Ryazan Province.


1. Belyaev, S. G. P. L. Bark i finansovaya politika Rossii, 1914–1917 gg. [P.L. Bark and financial policy of Russia, 1914–1917] [Text]. — St. Petersburg : Publishing House of St. Petersburg University, 2002. — 620 p.

2. Gosudarstvennyy arkhiv Ryazanskoy oblasti (GАRO) [The State Archive of Ryazan region]. — F. 150. — Op. 1. — D. 5 a, 37 a, 51, 58, 64, 72, 78, 83, 89, 97, 101, 111, 115, 116, 128; Op. 33. — D. 24; F. 151. — Op. 27. — D. 11.

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4. Istoriya odnoy gubernii : ocherki istorii Ryazanskogo kraya 1778–2007 gg. [The story of one province: essays of the History of Ryazan region 1778–2007] [Text] / ed. by P.V. Аkul’shin. — Ryazan : Press, 2007. — 450 p.

5. Otchet gosudarstvennogo Dvoryanskogo zemel’nogo banka za 1894 g. [The State Noble Land Bank report for 1894] [Text]. — St. Petersburg, 1895 (Tip. kn. V.P. Mescherskogo). — 274 p.

6. Polnoe sobranie zakonov Rossiyskoy imperii [Complete Collection of laws of the Russian Empire] [Text]. — St. Petersburg, 1906. — Vol. XXVI, N 2882.

7. Proskuryakova, N.А. Zemel’nye banki rossiyskoy imperii [Land banks of the Russian Empire] [Text]. — Moscow : ROSSPEHN, 2002. — 520 p.

8. Rossiyskiy gosudarstvennyy istoricheskiy arkhiv (RGIА)[The Russian State Historical Archive] — F. 593. — Op. 1. — D. 1, 36, 114, 122, 129, 326, 441 ; Op. 27. — D. 11, 616.

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2016 №2 (51) Article 4

G.Sh. Sagatelyan, S.A. Dyadya, I.V. Filipchuk

Two cases. Russian provinces and the political power struggle before and after Stalin’s death. P. 36- 48.



The paper treats two political campaigns of 1953, namely the doctors’ plot and the Beriya case, which involved millions of Soviet people. The paper shows the organization and the peculiarities of these mass campaigns at the example of the Gorky Region. The Gorky Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union together with the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party used the political campaign against the “murderers in white robes” in order to redirect people’s indignation and dissatisfaction

and to arouse resentment against Jews rather than against the government. The political campaign against Lavrentiy Beriya, who was accused of being a traitor and spy, was not treated unanimously. The reaction of Soviet people to the abrupt dropping of the Doctors’ plot affair, as well as to the dismissal, trial and execution of the Minister of Interior Beriya show that the USSR experienced inner contradictions and the deterioration of the communist ideology and moral values.

Beriya, enemies of the people, state anti-Semitism, mass meetings, Stalin’s last campaign, support of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union , murderers in white robes


1. Beylina, E.Eh. Reformy poslestalinskogo perioda v svete neudavsheysya perestroyki [Reforms of the post-Stalin period in the light of a failed restructuring] [Text] // Controversial issues of Russian history : Materials of the secondnd scientific and practical. Conf. / ed. by G.Sh. Sagatelyan. — Аrzamas, 1995. — P. 239–245.

2. Gordin, А.А. Politicheskie nastroeniya rabochikh i inzhenerov v gody “khruschevskoy ottepeli” (na materialakh Gor’kovskoy oblasti) [The political mood of the workers and engineers during the “Khruschev thaw” (in Gorky region materials) [Text] // Bulletin of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Ser. “Russian history”. — 2008. — N 3. — P. 43–51.

3. Danilov, А.А. Nesostoyavshiysya reformator: sovremennyy vzglyad na Beriya [Failed reformer: the modern view to Beria] [Text] // Controversial issues of Russian history : Materials of the second scientific and practical. Conf. / ed. by G.Sh. Sagatelyan. — Аrzamas, 1995. — 221 p.

4. Delo Berii. Plenum TSK KPSS. 2–7 iyulya 1953 g. Stenograficheskiy otchet [Case of Beria. Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee 2–7 July 1953 transcript] [Text] // TSK KPSS issues. — 1991. — N 1. — P. 139–214 ; N 2. — P. 141–208.

5. Iz informatsii Gor’kovskogo gorkoma KPSS ob otklikakh trudyaschikhsya g. Gor’kogo na soobschenie prokuratury SSSR o predanii sudu Berii [From the Gorky Party Committee information on the responses of workers in Gorki on the message of the USSR Prosecutor’s Office for the prosecution of Beria] [Text] // Society and power. Russian province — Moscow ; N. Novgorod, 2007. — Vol. 4. — Part. 2. — P. 286–287.

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8. Opyt sotsial’nogo razvitiya Nizhegorodskoy oblasti v 40–80-e gody XX veka [Social Development Experience of Nizhny Novgorod region in the 40-80 years of the twentieth century] [Text] : monogr. / G.SH. Sagatelyan, А.N. Аparin, I.V. Filipchuk [i dr.] ; ed. by G.SH. Sagatelyan ; Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after R.E. Аlekseev. — N. Novgorod, 2013. — 387 p.

9. Pikhoya, R.G. Sovetskiy Soyuz: istoriya vlasti. 1945–1991 [The Soviet Union: the history of power. 1945–1991] [Text]. — Novosibirsk : Sibirskiy chronograph, 2000. — 684 p.

10. Podlye shpiony i ubiytsy pod maskoy professorov-vrachey [Mean spies and assassins under the guise of doctors-professors] [Text] // Pravda. — The Truth — 1953. — 13 Jan.

11. Pokonchit’ s rotozeystvom v nashikh ryadakh [To end gullibility in our midst] [Text] // Pravda. — True. — 1953. —18 Jan.

12. Politicheskie i ideologicheskie kampanii v poslevoennoy rossiyskoy provintsii (na materialakh Nizhegorodskoy oblasti) [The political and ideological campaigns in the post-war Russian province (on materials of Nizhny Novgorod region) [Text] : monogr. / G.SH. Sagatelyan ; ed. by G.SH. Sagatelyan ; Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after R.E. Аlekseev. — N. Novgorod, 2015. — 349 p.

13. Sagatelyan, G.SH. Zhizn’ kak zhizn’. Vospominaniya. O vremeni, o sebe [Life like life. Memories. About the time, about myself] [Text]. — 2nd Ed. — N. Novgorod : Kur’er-media, 2014. — 592 p.

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2016 №2 (51) Article 3

A.A. Krivushin

The elective course on solar-terrestrial physics for physical and mathematical schools. P. 26- 35

UDC 372.853


The paper centers on the embedding of the elective course of solar-terrestrial physics in the curricula of specialized physical and mathematical schools. The course reflects the contemporary ideas on the solar-terrestrial system and is required by the new education standard. The paper describes the content of the course and the forms in which it can be used in institutions of higher education. It analyzes the interdisciplinary relations between the course solar-terrestrial physics and biology, medicine, meteorology, physics, and astronomy, which promote learners’ academic development. The paper also focuses on the application of modern computer technologies in the academic process. It analyzes specialized sites that focus on continuous monitoring of the solar-terrestrial system. The article focuses on the solar activity and its impact on the planet Earth. The paper formulates a number of problems that prevent schoolchildren from mastering astronomy, which is a very topical school subject in the modern world.

Solar-terrestrial physics, solar activity, integration, elective course, information and communication technologies.


1. El’tsov, А.V. Ispol’zovanie resursov seti internet v prepodavanii astronomii, fiziki, a tak zhe issledovatel’skoy deyatel’nosti [Using of Internet resources in the teaching of astronomy, physics, as well as research activity] [Text] / А.V. El’tsov, А.А. Krivushin // School of the future. — 2014. — N 2. — P. 115–119.

2. Krivushin, А.А. Izuchenie solnechno-zemnoy fiziki kak uchebnoy distsipliny v shkole i vuze v ramkakh ehlektivnogo kursa [The study of solar-terrestrial physics as a discipline in schools and universities as part of an elective course] [Text] // School of the future. — 2014. — N 3. — P. 41–50.

3. Krivushin, А.А. Vozmozhnosti virtual’nogo fizicheskogo ehksperimenta na zanyatiyakh po astronomii i fizike [Possibilities of virtual physics experiment in astronomy and physics classes] [Text] // Learning Physics. — 2015. — N 5. — P. 57–61.

4. Krivushin, А.А. Izuchenie solnechno-zemnoy fiziki kak uchebnoy distsipliny v meditsinskom vuze v ramkakh ehlektivnogo kursa [The study of solar-terrestrial physics as a discipline in the medical university within the elective course] [Text] // Proceedings of the interregional scientific conference with international participation / Ryazan State Medical University named after I.P. Pavlova ; ed. by V.А. Kiryushin. — Ryazan, 2014. — P. 368–370.

5. Krivushin, А.А. Istoriya razvitiya predstavleniy o solnechno-zemnoy fizike [The history of the development of ideas about the solar-terrestrial physics] [Text] / А.А. Krivushin, А.V. El’tsov // Psychological-pedagogical search. — 2014. — N 2/30. — P. 197–205.

6. Ogurtsov, M.G. Solnechnaya aktivnost’ i gelioklimaticheskie faktory — dolgovremennaya ehvolyutsiya i vozmozhnye stsenarii buduschego razvitiya [Solar activity and helioclimatic factors — long-term evolution and possible scenarios for the future development] [Text] : Dissertation for degree of Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. — St. Petersburg, 2009. —291 p.

7. Sivanova, O.V. Integratsiya i differentsiatsiya estestvenno-nauchnykh znaniy v usloviyakh modernizatsii obschego obrazovaniya [Integration and differentiation of natural scientific knowledge in the conditions of modernization of general education] [Text] / O.V. Sivanova, S.S. Khmelyov, E.V. Gubanova, S.B. Orlov // Successes of modern natural science. — 2002. — N 5. — P. 88–91.

8. Krivushin, A.A. Problems of solar-terrestrial physics[ Problems of solar-terrestrial physics] [Text] // School of the Future. — 2015. — N 2. — P. 20–25.

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2016-№2(51) Article 2

I.V. Kareeva, O.V. Ivanova

The formation of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional tolerance in students of higher education institutions at the example of the Academy of the Federal Penal servitude of Russia. P.19-26.


UDC 378,035.7

The paper analyzes the formation of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional tolerance in cadets of the Academy of the Federal Penal Servitude of Russia. Modern Russia needs citizens who can participate in multicultural communication, who demonstrate tolerance to representatives of different nationalities and religious groups, who respect other peoples’ traditions and cultures. Hence the formation of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional tolerance in cadets and students in higher education institutions is a topical issue. In the Russian Federation there are many normative documents that underline the necessity of creating educational programs aimed at the formation of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional tolerance in cadets of higher education institutions of the Federal Penal Servitude of Russia. The paper treats some problems that arise in the process of the formation of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional tolerance in cadets of higher education institutions of the Federal Penal Servitude of Russia. It analyzes some solutions to these problems, it underlines the importance of an integrative approach to the formation of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional tolerance within the framework of curricular and extracurricular activities.

cadet, inter-ethnic and inter-confessional tolerance, international communication, educational process, tolerance, penal servitude, ethnic-cultural competence.


1. Аksenova, G.I. Formirovanie pravovoy kul’tury v sisteme professional’noy podgotovki studentov [Formation of legal culture in the system of vocational training of students] [Text] / G.I. Аksenova, T.I. Tsyganova // Integration of education. — 2006. — N 2/43. — P. 135–138.

2. Vasil’eva, S.А. Formirovanie ehtnokul’turnoy tolerantnosti i profilaktika rasprostraneniya ideologii ehkstremizma kak uslovie kachestvennogo professional’nogo stanovleniya sovremennogo sotrudnika UIS [Formation of ethnic and cultural tolerance and preventing the spread of extremist ideology, as a condition of high-quality professional development of modern FPS Officer [Text]. — Ryazan, 2014. — 38 p.

3. Gershunskiy, B.S. Tolerantnost’ v sovremennom mire [Tolerance in the modern world] [Text] // Pedagogy. — 2002. — N 3. — P. 28–31.

4. Deklaratsiya printsipov terpimosti [The Declaration of the tolerance principles]. [Electronic resource] : [Adopted by the general Conference UNESCO, 16 November 1995]. — Access:http://base.consultant.ru/cons/cgi/online.cgi?req=doc;base=INT;n=6244 (acces- sed: 04.04.2016).

5. Kontseptsiya razvitiya ugolovno-ispolnitel’noy sistemy Rossiyskoy Federatsii do 2020 goda [The concept of development of the penal system of the Russian Federation until 2020] [Text] : [Approved by the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation October 14, 2010. N 1772]. — Official gazette of Russian Federation. — 2010. — N 43 — Art. 5544.

6. Lebedeva, N.M. Tolerantnost’ v mezhkul’turnom dialoge [Tolerance in intercultural dialogue] [Text] / N.M. Lebedeva, А.N. Tatarko. — Moscow : Publishing House of the Russian Academy of sciences, 2005. — 119 p.

7. Natsional’naya doktrina obrazovaniya v Rossiyskoy Federatsii na period do 2025 goda [National Doctrine of Education in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025] [Electronic resource]. Approved by RF Government Decree of October 4, 2000. N 751]. — Access:http://pozdnyakova.ucoz.ru/MPI/sem3/nacionalnaja_doktrina_obrazovanija_do_2025_goda.pdf (accessed: 11.01.2016).

8. O Kontseptsii vospitaniya rabotnikov ugolovno-ispolnitel’noy sistemy i Plane meropriyatiy po realizatsii Kontseptsii vospitaniya rabotnikov ugolovno-ispolnitel’noy sistemy na 2006–2010 gody [About the concept of education of employees of the penitentiary system and the Action Plan to implement the concept of education of the correctional system employees, 2006-2010] [Electronic resource] Letter from the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia 18.11.2005. N 10/8 / 1–100 SPS. — Access :http://base.consultant.ru/cons/cgi/online.cgi? req=doc;base=EXP;n=411831;dst=100007 (accessed: 05.04.2016).

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2016-№2(51) Article 1

A.A. Kolesnikov

Modeling of the professionally-oriented situations as a means of professionally-oriented linguistic competence development (high school). P. 9-19.


The paper presents a technology of modeling professionally-oriented situations within the framework of professionally-oriented linguistic education in high school. The described method of modeling promotes the development of professionally-oriented linguistic competence and professional self-determination of students in the conditions of multilinguistic and multicultural professional activities. The author describes the structure of communicative situations that serve as a basis for modeling, which includes a number of stages: 1) the description of basic elements of professional interaction, 2) the analysis of the academic and methodological content of professionally-oriented linguistic education, 3) the selection of forms and techniques of modeling, 4) the implementation of modeling aimed at securing the awareness of the role of a foreign language and intercultural communication in professional situations, 5) reflection. The stage of implementation contains cognitive, communicative and active components.

Modeling, professionally-oriented linguistic education, professionally-oriented linguistic competence, professionally-oriented education

UDC 372.881.1

1. Deyk, van T.А. Yazyk. Poznanie. Kommunikatsiya [Language. Cognition. Communication] [Text]. — Moscow : Progress, 1989. — 312 p.

2. Kolesnikov, А.А. Kak obuchat’ sozdaniyu publitsisticheskikh Textov v 10–11 klassakh filologicheskogo profilya (nemetskiy yazyk)? [How should you teach the creation of journalistic texts in philology grades 10–11 (German language)? [Text] // Foreign languages at school. — 2008. — N 8. — P. 50–60.

3. Kolesnikov, А.А. Kontseptsiya proforientatsionnogo obucheniya inostrannomu yazyku v sisteme nepreryvnogo filologicheskogo obrazovaniya [The concept of professional orientation of teaching a foreign language in continuous philological education system] [Text] // Foreign languages at school. — 2013. — N 7 — P. 17–23.

4. Kolesnikov, А.А. Professional’naya orientatsiya v lingvisticheskom vuze: postanovka problemy [Professional orientation in linguistic high school: setting of the problem] [Text] // Bulletin of the Ryazan State University named after S.A. Yesenin. — 2015. — N 2. — P. 7–16.

5. Kolesnikov, А.А. Struktura kommunikativnoy lichnosti i eyo razvitie sredstvami inostrannykh yazykov v profil’noy shkole [The structure of communicative personality and its development by means of foreign languages in profession-oriented school] [Text] // Foreign languages at school. — 2013. — N 5. — P. 2–9.

6. Polat, E.S. Distantsionnoe obuchenie v profil’noy shkole [Distance learning in profession-oriented school] [Text] / E.S. Polat [and others] ; ed. by E.S. Polat. — Moscow : Academy, 2009. — 208 p.

7. Professional’naya orientatsiya (proforientatsiya) [Professional orientation (career guidance)] [Electronic resource] // Russian education. — Access: http://www.edu.ru/abitur/act.15/index.php (accessed: 07.24.2015).

8. Sedov, K.F. Diskurs i lichnost’: ehvolyutsiya kommunikativnoy kompetentsii [Discourse and identity: the evolution of communicative competence] [Text]. — Moscow: Labyrinth, 2004. — 320 p.

9. Federal’nyy gosudarstvennyy obrazovatel’nyy standart srednego (polnogo) obschego obrazovaniya [The Federal state educational standard of secondary (full) general education] [Electronic resource]. — Moscow, 2012. — Access : http://minobrnauki.rf/dokumenty/2365/fajl/736/12.05.17-Prikaz_413.pdf (accessed: 24.07.2015).

10. Fundamental’noe yadro soderzhaniya obschego obrazovaniya [The fundamental core of general education] [Text] / Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of education; ed. by V.V. Kozlov, А.M. Kondakov. — Moscow : Prosveschenie, 2011. — 79 p.

11. Maletzke, G. Interkulturelle Kommunikation: Zur Interaktion zwischen Menschen verschiedener Kulturen [Text]. — Opladen : Westdeutscher Verlag, 1996. — 226 S.

12. Weier, M. Gäste professionell führen. Ein Leitfaden für die Tourismuspraxis [Text]. — Gerlingen : KSB Media, 2010. — 157 S.

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2012-№3(36) Article 8

A.I. Minaev

British parliamentarism and Russian radical political thought in the mid–19th century. р. 87–109

Скачать статью

UDC 9(42)+947


Russian radical political philosophy of the mid–19th century thoroughly investigated the traditions of British parliamentarism only to criticize its compromise decisions and inconse–quent reforms. In their search for the methods of reforming the Russian social and economic system and destroying the country’s autocracy, the adherents of the philosophy rejected the British experience in favor of a more decisive revolutionary strategy.


Russia, Great Britain, mid–19th century, political thought, radicalism, constitutionalism, parliamentarism, reformism, suffrage.



1. Herzen, A. I. Byloe i dumy [My Past and Thoughts]// Collection of works of 30 volumes. – Moscow, 1954–1966. – Vol. 10, 18.

2. Herzen, A. I. Byloe i dumy [My Past and Thoughts ]// Work in 4 volumes, 1988. – Vol. 3.

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5. Dobroljubov, N. A. Robert Oujen i ego popytki obshhestvennyh reform [Robert Owen and his attempts at social reform]// Collection of works: 9 volumes – Moscow, 1962. – Vol. 4.

6. Inukirveli, G. Z., A.I. Gercen – kritik burzhuaznoj demokratii – [A. I. Herzen – the Critic of Bourgeois Democracy]// Soviet state and law. – 1952. – no. 4.

7. Istorija russkoj zhurn alistiki [The history of Russian journalism XVIII–XIX centuries]. – St. Petersburg., 2005.

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