Chief Editor

Popova Olga Dmitriyevna has graduated from the Faculty of History and English of Ryazan State Pedagogical University. In 1995-1998, O. D. Popova was a PhD student of the Department of Russian History at Ryazan State Pedagogical University. She majored in historiography, source studies, and methods of historical studies (07.00.09 educational program). In 1998, Popova Olga Dmitriyevna defended her thesis and was awarded a PhD in History.

In 1999-2012, O. D. Popova taught in the Department of Philosophy and History at Ryazan State Medical University named for I. P. Pavlov. In 2009 she became an associate professor.

In 2009, being a PhD Student of the Department of Russian History at Moscow State University named for M. V. Lomonosov, Popova Olga Dmitriyevna defended her doctoral thesis.

In 2012, Professor Popova was assigned to the Department of Sociology at Ryazan State University named for S.A.Yesenin.

  1. D.Popova’s research interests are the following: history of Alexander’s modernization, evolution of social consciousness and history of everyday life in the 19th-20th centuries, historical feminology, history of clergy, mechanisms of social consciousness formation. O. D. Popova’s research is conducted both in the sphere of history and in the sphere of source studies.
  2. D.Popova has authored more than 80 publications, two of which are monographs. She has prepared a collection of memoirs written by women who attended diocesan schools. The majority of memoirs have never been previously analyzed.
  3. D.Popova is a member of the Russian Association of Researchers in Women’s History (RARWH)

On March 19 2018, O. D. Popova was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Bulletin of Ryazan State University named for S. A. Yesenin.