Treatment of manuscripts

The articles are taken according the following schedule:

in № 1 (March) — till 1st January current year;

in № 2 (June) — till 1st April current year;

in № 3 (September) — till 1st July current;

in № 4 (December) — till 1st October current year.

2. Coming articles are being examined by the editorial board during a month.

3. The editorial board is competent to send an article for reviewing

4. The editorial board is competent to do scientific and literal editing of coming materials, in case of need to shorten them with the concurrence of author, or, if a theme of an article is interesting for the journal, to send it for author’s improvement.

5. The editorial board reserves the right to dispose an article not meeting the journal’s subjects and demands.

6. In case of disposing of an article the editorial board gives to the author a reasoned opinion letter.

7. The authors get a notice about coming article during seven days. Two months later after registration of an article the board informs about the results of reviewing and about article’s planning publication.

8. The editorial board gives to the author a free copy of the journal with a published article.

9. Reviews are kept in the publishing house and in the editorial office for 5 years.

10.Copies of reviews are sent to the authors.

11. Copies of reviews can be sent to the Ministry of education and science if there is a special request for that.