Gracheva I. V.

Curiosities and Rarities of Handwritten Manuscripts in the State Archive of the Ryazan Region ” P. 105-115.

UDC 091:930.25(470.313)

DOI 10.37724/RSU.2021.72.3.011

Abstract. The analysis of handwritten manuscripts stored in regional archival collections has been gaining greater relevance, for it promotes deeper investigation of the worldview of people of past epochs, both city dwellers and rural dwellers. The article analyzes a number of underinvestigated

handwritten manuscripts of the 18th–19th centuries that are preserved in the State Archive of the Ryazan Region. Special attention is given to exceptionally rare and historically or culturally significant sources. The author of the article is primarily interested in literary texts. The author of the article analyzes them through the prism of history, culture and everyday life of the epoch when they were created. The aim of the article is to share findings that can further promote the investigation of the issue. Documents preserved in regional archival collections can help a researcher to understand the evolution and transformation of urban dwellers’ and rural dwellers’ tastes, morals and customs.

Keywords: archival materials, literary sources, rare texts, handwritten manuscripts of the 18th–19th centuries.


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