Mitrofanov V. V.

New Facts about M. A. Alexandrova,  the First Head of Ryazan Teachers’ Institute for Women ” P. 7-15.

UDC 378.6(092)(470.313)

DOI 10.37724/RSU.2021.72.3.001

Abstract. For many generations the Postnikovs served Russia truly and well. Men of the family fought in the battles of the Russo-Japanese War and World War II, while women of the family were prominent educators. M. A. Postnikova (known by her married name M. A. Alexandrova) is the first female head of the first teachers’ institute for women in Ryazan. Her sister Anna Alekseyevna Narkovich headed gymnasiums in the Smolensk Region and in the Ryazan Region. We know about her private life through her correspondence with such prominent scholars as S. F. Platonov and A. E. Presnyakov. Being a devoted student of the former and a close friend of the latter she was often mentioned in A. E. Presnyakov’s letters.

Having worked in St. Petersburg, and having traveled across the country to Khabarovsk and back, M. A. Alexandrova moved to Ryazan where she was appointed head of the teachers’ institute and where she worked for 10 years. She passed away in Ryazan in 1915 at the age of 50. Her last days are known to us due to the letters of her sister Anna Alekseyevna to Nadezhda Nikolayevna Platonova. The letters contain information about other relatives too, which provides more specific data.

Keywords: M. A. Alexandrova, A. A. Narkоvich, N. N. Platonova, Ryazan. Teachers’ institute for women, archival materials, correspondence.


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