2019 №1 (62) Article 7

А.A. Shevchenko


UDC 947.085.1

The article treats the relevant problem of investigating military campaigns which constituted World War II. It focuses on the use of armored fighting vehicles during military operations that took place near Ryazan. The analysis of archival sources shows that the defensive line near Ryazan was maintained by the 17th Tank Brigade, whose reconnaissance operations secured access to occupied territories. Musing on the role of armored warfare, the author speaks about the T-26 tank used in the military operation near Ryazan and describes its design and its usage during military conflicts. Analyzing the reminiscences of the participants of military operations, the author shows that the T-26 tanks were used as linear tanks. The research shows that the T-26 light tanks were equipped with radio sets which enabled the T-26 tanks to control other armored warfare. The article maintains that the armored units have played an important role in securing the defense line near Ryazan. It also highlights the importance of qualified management of the Western front, which enabled armored units to defeat the enemy and to contribute to victory in World War II.

light tank; separate tank battalion; reconnaissance operations; tank brigade; teletank


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