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Ivanov V. A.

To the Question of the Reliability of the Information in the Service Records on the Property Status of Servants-nobles Local government Institutions of Russia Mid-19th Century


Koshelkov V. A.

Historiography Issues and the History of Grain Warehouses in the First Half of the 19th Century (using the example of the Pskov Province)


Vlasov A. E., Shtepa A. V.

“They started doing their dirty deed…”: Informants and Snitches in Kaluga Committee of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party 


Dolinnikova O. V.

Girls in Industrial Workers’ Families in St. Petersburg in the Second Half of the 19th Century — Early 20th Century


Kopylov N. A.

Civil War in the Volga Region in the Summer of 1918. Simbirsk Operation as Viewed by Rivalry Armies


Tryakhov I. S.

Subsidiary Farming as a Solution to Food Insecurity during World War II  (using the example of rearward towns of the Vladimir Region)


Shchevyov A. A., Sinelnikov I. Yu.

The Role of Ryazan Evacuation Hospital during World War II


Yeshtyganova S. S.

Materials Published by Periodicals of Mari State Pedagogical Institute named for N. K. Krupskaya as a Source of Historical Information


Lapshina I. K., Lyubimtsev F. A.

American and Soviet Military Personnel in the Vietnam War (investigating ego-documents)



Valova O. M.

Ch. Swinburne’s Personality and Works as Assessed by O. Wilde


Lavrentyeva N. V.

Intertext in Max Frei’s Novel “Beware”



Vorobyov A. Yu.

The Development of Geology-based Knowledge of the Relief and Landscape of the Middle Oka Valley (the 1950s–1970s)



Gornov V. A.

“Exploring Russian America”: to New Discoveries


Yuzhakova Yu. A.

Russian Grammar: System — Language Usage — Language Variation, the Fifth International Symposium



Prazdnikov A. G.

The Castles in the Wars of the Roses Review of Dan Spencer’s Book “The Castle in the Wars of the Roses”  (Pen & Sword Military, 2020, 264 р.)


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