Chancellor’s address

Dear authors!

The Bulletin of Ryazan State University named for S. A. Yesenin academic journal has been publishing articles for over 30 years. The name of the journal has changed in accordance with the changes in the University but the policy of the Editorial Board remains unchanged.

Bulletin of Ryazan State University named for S. A. Yesenin accepts research papers written by postgraduate students, ensuring that PhD students can share the results of their theses without having to pay any publication fee.

Academic research has always been a priority in Russia, it has always been the focus of the president’s attention and has always been number-one priority for higher education institutions whose main aim is to prepare future specialists and to ensure continuous research.

Modern higher education which relies on the principle of competency-based learning is a knowledge-intensive process, whereas research is not only treated as an educator’s right, but also as an educator’s duty.

The academic journal is a multidisciplinary journal which accepts research authored by scholars and scientists working in a variety of fields.

I.A. Murog, Acting Rector of the Ryazan State University named for S.A. Yesenin (Chairman of the editorial staff)