Chief Editor

Erlikhson Irina Marikovna graduated from Ryazan State Pedagogical University named for S. A. Yesenin in 2003. In 2005, Erlikhson I. M. defended her PhD thesis titled “Social, Political and Economic Thought in England of the late 17th Century”. In 2009, the researcher completed her doctoral study at Moscow State Pedagogical University and defended her doctoral thesis titled “The Genesis of Ideas of Social Utopia in English Public Thought of the Late 17th-Early 18th Centuries”.

Since 2009, Erlikhson I. M. has been performing her professorial duties in the department of General History and International Relations at Ryazan State University named for S. A. Yesenin.

The researcher has authored more than 70 manuscripts on the issues of gender, cultural and intellectual history.