2016 №4 (53) Content



I.N. Grebenkin, A.S. Romanika

Revolution and war in A.I. Herzen’s and N.P.Ogarev’s social and political heritage

E.A. Volkova

“A writer’s diary” as a reflection of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s historical concepts

A.S. Gavrikova

V.F. Matveev about the manifestation of public opinion in Russia and England

N.N. Kruchkov

A minor character: a literary representation of A.P. Volynsky

K.V. Timchenko

Finnish delegations of 1788 and 1808 in the context of Finno-Russian relations in unknown literary works of the 19th century \

I.M. Erlihson

Sidney’s political views in the 1660s (based on Court Maxims”, 1665)

A.I. Minaev

The origins of the contemporary system of international relations

V.I. Shlykov

The model of European peace and Cardinal Alberoni’s unknown plan of the partitioning of the ottoman empire




L.A. Olshevskaya, A.A. Reshetova, S.N. Travnikov

Legendary variations of pilgrims’ itineraries during the reign of Peter the Great

V.Yu. Yevdokimova

Sergei Yesenin as Leo Tolstoy’s follower: a pedagogical aspect

V.G. Reshetov

Gustave Flaubert’s “Herodias”: creating a masterpiece

A.S. Yevdokimova

Critical reviews of Henrik Ibsen’s dramas in Russia of the late 19th — early 20th centuries

L.N. Fedoseyeva

Denotative functions of words in Russian sentences (at the example of locative functions)

N.V. Deeva

Metaphoric representation of the concepts “Death” and “Śmierć” in Russian and Polish linguistic cultures

K.S. Chugunova

Substituting components of phraseological units and transforming the nuclear component of their semantics as a means of creating Dmitri Yemets’s universal texts

N.M. Yussupova

Folk symbols as a source of symbolism in Tatar culture(at the example of ornitomorphic and color symbols)




L.P. Gashkova

The peculiarities of heavy metal accumulation in wetland plants of the south-east of Western Siberia

A.E. Kizilova, E.A. Lyashenko, T.V. Degtyareva, V.V. Melnichuck

Landscape approach to a typology of forest vegetation covering the slopes of Strijament Mountain

Željko Bjeljac, Ј. Rоmеlić, N. Ćurčić

Place and role of tourism geography in higher education in Serbia

I.A. Zakharov

The factors of religious and confessional polarization in Ethiopia




E.Yu. Liskina

International Youth School-Conference “Geometric methods in management l theory and mathematical physics: differential equations, integrability, qualitative theory”, on the 110th anniversary of professor I.P. Makarov .

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