№2 (75)




Tarasov O. A., Еrlikhson I. M.

The Genesis of Prison Administration in Provincial Russia (at the example of the Ryazan Province)


Filimonov S. V.

Parent Involvement Committees and their Efforts Aimed at the Promotion of Gymnasium Education in the Ryazan Province in the Early 20th Century


Iputatov D. Yu.

Legal Regulations Relating to Workers’ Legal Status  and Factory Inspection at the Territory of the Moscow Province  in the Late 19th — Early 20th Centuries


Povalishnikova S. R.

Foreign Military Prisoners in the Vladimir Province in 1915–1916    


Bobrovnikov V. V.

Theatre and Cinema in Petrograd Dwellers’ Everyday Life  in February — October 1917   


Kiryukhin D. V.

The 1943 Orsha Offensive Operation as Depicted in Rafael Grazhdaninov’s Literary Works      


Karimov O. V., Pumpyanskaya O. V.

Eleven Acknowledgements Issued by Stalin to Colonel M. N. Yakushin(Hero of the Spanish War Participating in the Great Patriotic War)         


Tikhomirov N. V.

International Relations in the Russian Feudal State in the 16th Century as Represented in History Textbooks in the USSR  (in the Late 1930s — the Early 1960s)           


Ocherednyuk O. Yu.

McCarthyism and Hollywood  in the Late 1940s — the First Half of the 1950s  




Kalashnikova A. L.

Prayer in F. I. Tyutchev’s Poetry       


Kurochkina A. V.,  Kotovskaya D. O.

The Raising of Lazarus as a Biblical Plot in Literature at the Turn of the Century          


Luchinsky Yu. V., Strelnikova L. Yu.

Theatricality and its Pivotal Role in V. V. Nabokov’s Modernist Literary Works


Altynbayeva G. M.

Solzhenitsyn’s Conversations with Young People about the Awakening of “Kind Feelings”


Lapteva M. L.

The Element of Light in Slavic Worldview       



Yeremenko Ye. A., Zhiba R. Yu., Kuznetsov M. A., Bolysov S. I.

The Coastal Morphology of Gagra Bay  and the Modern Trends of the Development  of the Conditions of Sea Level Increase    


Krivtsov V. A., Vodorezov A. V.

Exogenous Relief-forming Processes  in Pronsk-Don Geomorphological Site  of the Ryazan Part of Central Russian Upland:  the Manifestation and the Trends  




Bogomolov I. K.

A Review of C. Oguz’s Moral Crisis in the Ottoman Empire:  Society, Politics, and Gender during World War I  (London, I. B. Tauris Publ., 2021, 248 p.)