№3 (76)



Yermolayev Yu. N.

To the Issue of the Formation of the Qasim Tatar Ethnic Group: Novgorod Landlords’  Descendants (Astrakhan Tatars) in Qasim Khans’ Troops  in the Early 17th Century           


Mogilevsky N. A.

The Graduates of the Imperial Lyceum as Governors on the Eve of the Emancipation Reform   


Getman D. I.

Sanitary Supervision in St. Petersburg in the Second Half of the 19th — Early 20th Centuries   


Galkin P. V.

Military Hospital Trains of the All-Russian Zemstvo Union during World War I


Kapanina T. S.

City-run Public Banks in the Russian Empire: a Historiographical Aspect


Nikonov V. V.

The Closure of Churches in the USSR in the Early 1930s (at the Example of the Church of Our Lady of Vladimir  in the Village of Kraskovo in the Ukhtomsk District  in the Moscow Region)      


Popova A. D.

Law Enforcement Officers’ Memoirs as a Historical Source on Social History of the 1940s–1950s       


Panyashin A. A., Zakharova O. V.

The Influence of the English Revolution of the 17th Century on Thomas Hobbesʼ Political Philosophy. To the Issue of Historical Significance  of a Thinkerʼs Ideas and Philosophies    



Annushkin V. I., Jao Jashu

Ivan Ilyin: on the Russian Language and the Power of Thought    


Lyubarskiy R. V.

Carlos Castanedaʼs Concepts in Viktor Pelevinʼs Novel  “Secret Views of Mount Fuji”  


Potashova K. A., Sotnikova Ye. Yu.

The Principle of Visualization in A. Kulakovʼs “Poems on Holy Epiphany. To War”      


Subakozhoyeva Ch. T.

Comparative Analysis  of Different Variants of “Manas”, Kyrgyz Heroic Epos  (at the example of the first part of the “Keketey’s Funeral” episode)


Arkhipova E. V.

Definition and Somatization  as Linguistic and Education Terms   


Dolgova N. V.

The Modifications of the Homo Scribens Image in M. A. Bulgakov’s Satirical Works    




Shabunina A. K., Vysokova V. V., Stogova A. V., Gorelov M. M., Vasilyeva S. A., Erlikhson I. M.

Celebrating Lorina Petrovna Repina’s Birthday Anniversary         


Blokhina N. A.

Sankin Dmitry Nikiforovich: Being a Philosopher