2012-№3(36) Content


N.V. Martishina

Axiological characteristics of teachers’ creative potential

S.A. Lamsin

Logical and philosophical principles of foreign language teaching and learning

O.Ya. Yaroslavtseva

The current state of higher education in Latin America and its development perspectives


N.A. Blokhina

Peter Strawson on Kantian theory of analytic metaphysics

S.G. Rumin

The importance of the unity of law and morality for a state governed by the rule of law and civil society as reflected in I.A.Ilyin’s philosophy

E.N. Suvorkina

Сhildren’s subculture as a model of autonomous reality


O.Ye. Safonova

The education associations of the Ryazan province in the late 19th – early 20th centuries

A.I. Minaev

British parliamentarism and Russian radical political thought in the mid–19th century


E.N. Tregubova

Honour and honours: linguocultural analysis of wedding rite axiological concepts

U.M. Matorina

Genre peculiarities of old Russian translation of the byzantine hagiography of saint Theodore the Studite in the context of the great menology by metropolitan Makary

S.N. Motorin

Ideological and artistic originality of Maxim Gorky’s early plays

I.V. Pakhomova

R.M. Rilke’s novel «the papers of Malte Laurids Brigge» in the context of Russian literature


V.V. Tregulov, V.A. Stepanov

The investigation of the mechanisms of conductivity of heterojunctions cds/si(p) obtained by hydrochemical deposition of cadmium sulfide

A.M. Lavrov

The solution of a geometry problem from the correspondence round of the contest «Conquer the Vorobyovy gory – 2010»

Maiberger R., Ezri D., Erlihson M.

Location Based Beamforming


International symposium “ Academic Sresnevskii’s heritage and Slavish world: languages, culture, education. In commemoration of the200 anniversary of the scientist