2013-№2(39) Content


L.P. Kostikova

Axiological approach to the development of students’ linguosociocultural competence

A.V. Mamedova

Developing communicative competence of master’s degree students

G.V. Chukina

Non-drug bringing is a necessary element of principles of personal and social safety teaching in the institutes of higher education

E.S. Antonova

The role and the significance of civic education in France in the context of intercultural integration


V.A. Ignatyev

Socionics: a pseudoscience disguised as a new branch of psychology

N.G. Agapova

Education as a cultural phenomenon: through the prism of systemic activity approach


E.N. Kostyleva

The historiography of Russian state mortgage banks in the late 19th – early 20th centuries

D.A. Rogozhkin

The economic situation of workers of Ryazan province in the early 1920s

A.M. Rodriges

Osama Bin Laden: creating the legend (1980s-1990s)

Yu.O. Tolmachev

The problem of boundary settlement in China-India relationships in the 1950s


T.V. Fedoseeva, Ye.S. Blitsko

The author’s reflection in Boris Pasternak’s early prose («safe conduct»)

S.N. Motorin

Alexander Vampilov’s literary characters

V.M. Shaklein

Technical innovations as sources of word-formation in modern Russian

O.V. Chibissova, K.O. Bussarova

Zoonyms in teaching the Chinese language


N.V. Konnenkov, YU.V. Makhmudov, Yu.V. Strashnov

The dynamic characteristics of quadrupole filter in phase and frequency modulation

V.N. Ruchkin, V.A. Romanchuk, V.A. Fulin

Natural parallelism of quantum computers and neuronal computers


All-Russian scientific conference “ Innovative development of education in the regions of Russian Federation

International conference “ Translation as a means of foreign language teaching”: summing up”