2014-№2(43) Content


T.V. Eremenko

Databases as information resources of the US higher education system: history of development (the 1960s–1990s)

S.A. Lamsin

Postmodernism and foreign language teaching

O.A. Belova

Problem of motivation and its display in hearing impaired children

A.S. Starikov

Sleep disturbances as early signs of Parkinson’s disease


N.V. Kolgushkina

V.I. Sreznevsky’s contribution to Russian research, education and physical culture

E.M. Matveeva

An American woman as seen by Russian columnists of the early 20th century (based on pre-revolutionary Russian periodicals)

M.V. Strelets

German Jews in the period of Germany’s division: some aspects of history


K.R. Vaganova

The stylistic litter «business» as a relay functional orientation tokens

I.Yu. Zharova

The author and the characters in Arseny Sukhanov’s «Proskinitaria»

A.A. Reshetova, O.S. Topolova

The provinces in A.V. Saltykov’s «Travel observations of a Traveler to Sarepta»

I.V. Pakhomova

The theme of love in the artistic experience of the Silver age


V.A. Krivtsov, A.V. Vodorezov

Active exogenous topography change in Ryazan region

S.A. Tobratov, O.S. Zheleznov

Biological productivity of the xylem in Ryazan Meshchera in the conditions of climate dynamics: space and time aspects


A.N. Konyonkov

Conjugation operator in multidimensional spaces of periodic functions

E.Y. Liskina

Some mathematical models of taxes and dues in Russia


A.A. Reshetova

A word. Literature. Slovesnik. Research and practice conference in the department of Russian philology and national culture, 18th April, 2014

I.M. Erlihkson

All-Russian research and practice conference “A Person in the Modern and Current History”, 18th April, 2014