2017 №2 (55) Content


O.D. Sandomirskaya, E.G. Domnina

The opening of Japan to the West as covered by “The New York Times” and “The Times” (1854–1858)

A.F. Agarev

The mystery of Yak-28P (“Firebar”)

A.V. Fedorova

Military formations in the Sothern Urals during World War II: source analysis

V.N. Samokhodkin

A political party publicist and a non-Party publishing house: G.E. Zinovievʼs collaboration with “Parus” publishing house in 1915–1917

A.A. Turkov

The epic of the Chelyuskin expedition of 1934 as a key element of Soviet propaganda of Polar exploration

G.Sh. Sagatelyan, S.A. Dyadya

Crisis of the Soviet motivation system in the 1930–1980s

O.A. Nikonov

USSR – Yemen: establishing trade and diplomatic relations

Yu.V. Geraskin, A.A. Fedin

The withdrawal of the Churchʼs valuables as a Catalyst for the Renovationist movement in the Ryazan eparchy (analysis of print media)



G.V. Sudakov

The typology of lexical groups of the Russian language

E.V. Ogoltseva

The images of large and small quantities in stable expressions of comparison in the Russian language

N.A. Krasovskaya

Linguistic peculiarities manifested by the contemporary peripheral Tula dialects

O.V. Nikitin

The Brockhaus and Efron encyclopedic dictionary (1890–1907): compilation, personalities, linguistic problems

N.V. Dolgova

Fantasy world as represented in Russian online media (based on the infotainment portal “Fantasy World”)

I.V. Gracheva

“Once an official, of rather low family…” (Nicolai Nekrasovʼs poem “Who is happy in Russia?” and a prototype from Ryazan)

Yu.E. Arkhipova

The representation of Englishness in Jane Austinʼs unfinished novels

A.S. Yevdokimova

Yesenin in Russian theatres at the turn of the 20th – 21st centuries criticsʼ assessments



 T. Vardanyan, G. Surenyan

Hail forecasting in Armenia

A.O. Krutovsky, V.Ya. Korostyshevsky, A.S. Palamarchuk

The zonation of the lower part of the Neva delta area

L.A. Ruzhinskaya

The development of ecotourism in the Ryazan region



The Second international scientific and practical conference “Europe, Russia and Asia: cooperation, contradictions, conflicts” (20–21st of April, 2017)


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