2018 №1(58) Content


Popova O.D.

Audit Reports on Religious Educational Establishments as a Historical Source and their Role in Understanding Seminary Studentsʼ Memoirs .


Yermakov A.M.

The Attitude of Moscow Regional Government to Administrative Reforms Planned for the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries


Tarabrin E.G.

Some Aspects of the Implementation of the Stolypin Agrarian Reforms in the Ryazan Province


Pinchuk V. N.

Philosophies of Soviet Leaders of 1930–1939


Tsintsadze N.S.

State Regulation of Social and Natural Aspects of Forest Management and Water Resource Management in the USSR in 1917–1939


Durov V.I.

The Russian Empire in the tactics of the Czech nationalism during The First World War


Shandra A.V.

The Legislative Committee of Palestine in the 1920s – 1930


Yeremenko T.V.

Historical Research Conducted by Ryazan Scholars and Registered in International Online Database Systems (2000–2017): Bibliometric Analysis



Kovyazin V.F., Nguen T.S., Demidova P.M.

Land Classification Monitoring in Vietnam and the Russian Federation


Levshuk V.V.

Geography-Related Prerequisites to Orchard Management in the Belgorod Region


Balynin K.A.

Geographical Peculiarities of Wine Tourism



Terekhin M.T., Politov K.O.

Mathematical Modeling of an Economic System Cyclic Development with Coupling Equations


Terekhin M.T., Shuvarikova E.V.

A Research of a Mathematical Model of a Multisectoral Economic System with a Quality Functional



Lapshina I.K.

Topical issues of socio-cultural research (the fifth international scientific and practical conference “historical experience of world civilizations and Russia”)