2018 №4 (61) Content



Rozhkov A.Yu. 

What do Soviet Higher Education Institutions Owe to Baroness von Korff?  An Attempt to Create a Commentary   on Students’ Letters to the Authority


Leontyeva T.G. 

An Eyewitness Account of Seminary Life (the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries) 


Gromova A.I. 

The Influence of World War I on the Living Conditions of Women  of Russian Nobility (based on the materials of women’s periodical press  of 1914–1917) 


Simonenko E.S.

Samuel Hughes and his Concept of the Imperial Defense in Canada  on the Brink of World War I 


Nikulenkova E.V. 

Training Marxian Economists at the Institute of Red Professors    of the All-Union Communist Party in the 1920s 


Tretyakova M.V. 

Religious Issues in of the Holy Roman Empire in the Late 1550s    (based on the Reports of Jacopo Soranzo, an Ambassador to King Ferdinand I  in 1559–1561) 


Pashkova T.V. 

Rational and Irrational Application of Pharmaceuticals of Animal Origin Used  by Karelians (at the Example of Drugs Containing Bear Products) 


Bodrova E.V., Kalinov V.V. 

Discussing the Results of Liberal Reforms and Searching for a New Strategy  at the Turn of the 20th – 21st Centuries 



Tesalovsky A.A., Avdeev Yu.M. 

The History of Land Cadastre: Land Management  and Land Surveying  in South Dakota (part 1) 


Valiev V.S., Ivanov D.V., Shamaev D.Ye., Ziganshin I.I., Mustafina L.K., Shurmina N.V., Bogdanova O.A., Abdulina F.M. 

The Analysis of the Structure of Hydrochemical Indices  of River Systems


 Biryukova E.V., Vodorezov A.V., Krivtsov V.A. 

The Present State of Nature Conservation Sites of Solotcha Nature Reserve  against the Background of Intensive Recreational Activities


Vorobyev A.Yu. 

Local Deformations of the Oka Middle Riverbed    in its Middle Reaches 





Shapovalova V.O. 

Analyzing A.I. Solzhenitsyn’s Novel “In the First Circle”    through the Prism of Gender 


Bay Yan

The Road Motif in the Title and the Plot   of the Poem “Little Road” 


Safronov A.V., Zolotareva O.I. 

The Image of A.I. Solzhenitsyn in Ryazan Press:    Archetypes, Stereotypes, Myths 


Zlobin A.A.

The Key Concepts of A.I. Solzhenitsyn’s Linguistic Picture of the World:  Lexical and Textual Representation 


Guskov V.V.

The Theme of the Bygone Russia   in A.I. Solzhenitsyn’s Early Works




Vasekha M.V. 

Reassessing Modern Maternity: Ideology, Institutions, Practices   (A Review of Ann Shadrina’s Book “Those Precious Children.    The Fall in the Birth Rate and the Rise in Maternity Costs in the 21st Century”) 




Pushkareva N.L., Popova O.D. 

Reassessing the Processes of Urbanization in Russia through the Prism  of Gender Approach (the 11th Conference of the Russian Association  of Researchers in Female History “Nizhny Novgorod as Moscow’s Neighbor”)


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