2023 №1 (78) Content



Khoruzhenko O. I.

The “Nobleman” Solokhmir Miroslavich in Sources from 16th–17th Centuries


Sofjin D. M., Sofjina M. V.

Russian Grand Duke in Paris under the Alliance: Diary of Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovich, May 26 — June 3, 1897


Drobotushenko E. V.

Christian Union of Young People in Harbin in the mid-1920s: Its Structure and Activities


Povalishnikova S. R.

School life in Vladimir Governorate during the First World War


Zanko E. A.

Organization and results of the work of the Smolensk Regional Extraordinary Commission for Establishment and Investigation of the Atrocities of Nazi Invaders and Their Accomplices (1943–1945)


Bodrova E. V., Kalinov V. V., Gaytamirova S. A.

People’s Commissariat for Armaments in the conditions of forced fortification defense potential on the eve of the Great Patriotic War


Modin V. I.

Activities of local governments in Ryazan during the growing economic crisis in years 1990–1991


Simonenko E. S.

Canada in the strategic defense plans of the British Empire (last third of the 19th century)




Zusman V. G., Sapozhkov S. V.

The Greatness and Fall of King Ottokar by F. Grillparzer (1823) and Boris Godunov by A. S. Pushkin (1825): conflict in historical dramas of the Romantic Era


Fedoseeva T. V., Tseng Jia

Studies of Dostoevsky in Contemporary China: Main Trends in Methodology


Kirillova A. S.

Staging Ivan Turgenev’s Prose:  Experience of the First Stage Production of the Novel Smoke


Kopyryulina O. M.

François Villon: reception of the French poet in Russia and his tradition in S. A. Yesenin’s series Tavern Moscow



Li Xinmei

Cultural identity and self-awareness of Russian immigrant writers in China (illustrated in the works of P. A. Severny,  N. I. Ilyina and L. N. Andersen)


Bulashova N. M.

  1. H. Lawrence’s Italy: History and Modernity (Travel Book Sea and Sardinia)


Drozhzhina O. V.

The image of a child hiding from the Holocaust, in the graphic novel by Ari Folman and David Polonsky Anne Frank’s Diary:  A Graphic Version




Kuznetsov M. A., Bolysov S. I.

Geomorphological types of the cоasts of the Urup Island (Southern Kuril Islands)


Krivtsov V. A., Vodorezov A. V., Tobratov S. A.

Manifest features and development trends of exogenous relief-forming processes and reliefs within the Ryazan part of the Oka-Voronezh geomorphological region of the Oka-Don Plain




Maul V. Ya.

Izzagardiner and others:  about the first scientific biography of the historian D.N. Alshits


Vasilyeva S. A.

“Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them …”: the Christian path  of Dr. F. P. Haas (review of the book: Semenenko-Basin I. V. Doctor Haas and the Christian book. Moscow, YaSK Publ. House, 2022, 192 p.)




Vorobyev A. Yu.

XXXVII Plenary meeting of Inter-university coordinating council on problem of erosion and river bed / estuary evolution (Lomonosov Moscow State University), held at Ryazan State University named for S. A. Yesenin            


Yuzhakova Yu. A.

IV International scientific and practical conference, “Topical issues of teaching the Russian language at secondary and tertiary levels”