2023 №2 (79) Content


Kodintsev A. Ya.

Regional prosecution officer in the Russian Empire in 1870–1875: activities of Anatoly F. Koni           


Ivakhin N. S.

Peasant movements during the First Russian Revolution (1905–1907), based on materials from Ryazan Governorate   

Grebenkin I. N., Romanika A. S.

The Balkan crisis and evolution of Russian revolutionary democratic movement in the 1870s    


Nikonov O. A.

International aspects of the formation of national bourgeoisie in Iraq under the British mandate


Panyashin A. A., Zakharova O. V.

The ratio of liberal and totalitarian features in Thomas Hobbes’s political and legal doctrine      


Sozinova K. A.

Eliza Haywood vs Marquess of Halifax: crisis of moral and ethical values in Britain in late 17th — first half of the 18th centuries      


Shipitsyna Yu. S.

Enthusiasm as an epistemic virtue in British scientific culture in the second half of the 18th century and the first quarter of the 19th century (illustrated in the works of naturalist J. Banks)           


Zhigalov A. M.

Fight for German Socialism: the Confrontation between the Right and the Left Wings within the National Socialist German Workers’ Party in 1925–1933     




Soboleva L. S., Kalinina A. D.

The image of feasting with the devil in 17th century sermons as medicine against drunkenness  


Reshetova A. A.

Travelogue as a source for study of local text (based on foreign travelers’ notes about Ryazan in the 15th–17th centuries)       


Abasheva D. V., Zhabina E. M.

“Collective emotionality” in folklorist lyrics of late 19th — early 20th century   


Samodelova E. A.

Grandmother’s Tales by S. A. Yesenin: its folklore-ethnographic and literary contexts   


Romanova G. I., Ryabtseva Yu. A.

Poetic world of A. I. Solzhenitsyn’s series, Krokhotki        


Ganin V. N.

Flower Rituals in Louise Glück’s Collection of Poems The Wild Iris        


Tangaeva N. I.

Christian categories of vice and virtue, as illustrated in the song-opera TODD, authored by punk group Korol i Shut: literary aspects 


Saprykina A. O.

Comparative analysis of the Russian and Japanese texts of the Treaty of Shimoda (1855) and correspondences between properties of the prototypical concept of the contract genre         



Vorobyov A. Yu., Kadyrov A. S., Balobina A. A.

Method of complex benchmarks for assessing rates of relief formation on erosive river banks    


Nikiforova E. M.

Methodology for assessment of  tourist/recreational potential of topology and analysis of recreational systems in various geomorphological districts of Ryazan region      



Bogomolov I. K.

The Scandinavian Countries during the First World War: the International Dimension

(review of M. Jonas’s Scandinavia and the Great Powers in the First World War. London: Bloomsbury, 2019. 248 p.)


Lavrentyev V. A.

Review of K. Ya. Sigal’s Syntax and speech studies (Moscow, Yaroslavl, Kantzler Publ., 2023, 194 p.)           



Popova O. D.

Conference commemorating professor E. M. Shchagin