2010-№1(26) Сontents

Pedagogics. Education.

Bobyleva O.A. The main values of social education in the works of Russian pedagogues of the 20th century.

Mikova I.M. Academic mobility of students in Russian high schools.

Elistratova N.N. Some problems and drawbacks of multimedia use in higher education system.

Guzhvenko E.I., Puzankov S.А. Theoretical and applied aspects of application of modular-rating technology in military education.


Tumakov N.N. I.I. Vorontsov-Dashkov and his management of the Caucasus.

Tarabrin E.G. Ryazan zemstvo and the First World War.

Tsaryov A.S. Boer war and the position of Germany.


Zharova I.Y. “Proskinitary” written by Arseny Sukhanov: genre-compositional specificity of monument of journey literature of the 17th century.

Podgorskaya A.V. The religious-dogmatic concept of Christmas and its interpretation in hymnography and spiritual verse.

Balakova A.V. W. D’Avenant’s new ideas in his play “The siege of Rhodes”.

Valova M. The image of the moon in Oscar Wilde’s “Salom”.

Physics. Mathematics.

Zelzer I.A., Moos E.N. True secondary electron emission under bragg diffraction of X-rays in crystals with broken surface layer.

Vantsov A.A. Application of electromagnetic resonance and ultrasound for estimation of liquids qualitative factors.

Usachov Y.V., Kurashin V.N. Mathematical model of parachute jumper motions.

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