2010-№2(27) Contents


Yu.V. Lazarev

Russian philologists and their attitude to literature teaching in school: A. Kirpichnikov (1845–1903)

N.N. Elistratova

Electronic textbooks as a means of and a necessary prerequisite for multimedia education in higher educational institutions

E.I. Guzhvenko, S.A. Puzankov

Group formation as a means of computer training intensification in military higher educational institutions


N.N. Tumakov

The first Russian revolution and the restoration of the Caucasian viceroyalty

M.A. Klyshevich

The formation of German-soviet relations (1917–1922)

O.I. Shmelyova

Bosnia-Herzegovina uprising of 1875–1876 and its influence on Balkan national-liberation movements


R.A. Sokolova

The principles of existential integrity in M. Prishvin’s works

E.V. Kobeleva

The «Lake school» of poetry and the formation of the romantic canon of English literature

A.G. Golodov

Secondary nomination in professional jargon (on the example of German football jargon)


L.V. Vasilyev, I.M. Ganiev

The analysis of economic security in the automobile industry and its amelioration

R.R. Kashbieva

The formation of regional industrial clusters


I.A. Zelzer, E.N. Moos

The potential of the X-ray standing wave method in the case of continuous resonance combinational (Ramanov’s) dispersion of x-radiation

Yu.V. Usachev, A.I. Fyodorov

The methods of modeling parachute jumpers’ actions during practice parachute jumps


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