2011-№1(30) Content


N.L. Vasilyeva, I.I. Zhuravlyova

Social-Psychological Adaptation of Elder Adolescents with Different Characteristics of Personality Development

L.M. Korchagina

Regional Aspects of Family Social Work

Yu. V. Usachov

Improving the Assessment System: (using the module rating system for assessing the educational achievements of students of military higher educational institutions)


A. V. Solovyev.

Consumption Societyand Counterculture in the USA in the Second Half of the 20th Century

N.G. Agapova.

Polyparadigmality as a Characteristic of Education


A.I. Minayev

British Internal Political Experience and the Development of Russian Statehood in the Second Half of the 18th Century and at the Beginning of the 19th Century

L.I. Ivonina

The Churchills’ Rise to Power

M. Yu. Gosudareva

Russian Diplomatic Mission in Istanbul in the 1720s-1730s


T.E. Abramzon

Cultural Codes in V.K.Trediakovsky’s Panegyric Verses

A.G. Maslova

Time as an Object of Poetic Reflection in the works of G. R. Derzhavin

O.A. Selemeneva

The Formation of Simple Sentence Structures as a Means of Verbalizing the Context «the State of Nature» in the Russian Language


I.A. Zeltser, E.N. Moos

Triple-Crystal X-Ray Diffractometry of Crystalline Silicon and Gallium Arsenide Thin Films

Erlihson Michael, Ezri Doron, Tsodik Gennadiy

Near optimal multipoint receive beamforming with finite samples


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