Chichenev S. A.

To the History of Spassky Zaretsky Monastery as Described in an Unpublished Document of the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts. P. 7- 31.

UDC 281.93(470.313)(09):930.272

DOI 10.37724/RSU.2022.74.1.001

Abstract. The Spassky Zaretsky Monastery which was founded no later than in the 15th century was situated on the territory of the town of Spassk in the Ryazan Region. The town of Spassk used to be a village adjoining the monastery and was named after the Monastery. As well as other wooden churches of the Middle Oka region, the monastery left little or no heritage. In the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts there are very few documents revealing the history of the monastery and only two scientific articles about the monastery have been published (both works were published before the revolution). In 2020, researchers exploring the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts found a monastery census book written in 1651, which is of scientific value. The census book authored by a famous statesman P. K. Yelizarov can be considered to be a unique information source, for it contains information about all constructions on the territory of the monastery, lists the brethren of the monastery and peasants of the adjoining villages. The book is the most detailed description of Spassk of the 17th century. The document discusses several issues associated with the history of the monastery, throws light on the historical and cultural heritage of the monastery and enables researchers to trace them in Russian museums. The present article puts the document into scientific circulation.

Keywords: archival documents, icon attribution, monastery lands, census books.


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