№4 (77)



Kozlyakov V. N.

The Evolution of the Church Court in Russia in the First Half of the XVII Century


Zaytseva S. V., Stepanov S. V.

“The Foundling Trade” and the Life of the Fosterlings of the St. Petersburg Foster Home in the Villages of the St. Petersburg Province in the Second Half of the 19th — Early 20th Centuries


Krylova E. N.

Peddling Newspapers and Journals in Russia in the Early 20th Century


Bodrova E. V., Kalinov V. V.

Evacuation and Reconstruction of Industrial Plants Controlled by the People’s Commissariat of Arms during the Great Patriotic War


Pushkarenko E. A.

The Phenomenon of Quasi-Statehood: German Propaganda in the Sphere of State Formation (based on the materials of the General District of Belarus)


Popova O. D.

Cool Books as a Guide to Food and Nutrition during World War II


Rodriguez-Fernandez A. M.

New trends in the national movements of the countries of the East (the first half of the XX century)


Minkova K. V., Smirnova A. D.

The Obama Administration’s Policies and the Trump Administration’s Policies toward Taiwan




Trofimova N. V.

The Military Narration in ―Mazurinsky Chronicle‖


Kiseleva I. A., Potashova X. A.

The Caucasus as a Dominant Emotional Element in M. Yu. Lermontov’s Poem ―”Ismail-Bey”


Tolkachev S. P.

Crossing Invisible Borders: Hybrid Identity in Postcolonial British Prose


Tao Li, Nagumanova E. F.

Femininity in Russian and Chinese Prose of the Second Half of the 20th Century (based on Works by V. Tokareva and Zhang Jie)


Zhang Wei

Lexical and Grammatical Development of Borrowed Slangisms




Yamskih G. Yu., Makarchuk D. E., Zharinova N. Yu.

Holocene Landscapes and Climate in the Krasnoyarsk Forest Steppe in the Valley of the Kacha River


Vorobyev A. Yu., Khalmuradov R. B., Balobina A. A., Kadyrov A. S.

Geomorphological Mapping of the Relief of the Republic of Turkmenistan




Yuzhakova Yu. A.

“Word. Writing. Writers”: an International Research Conference for Teachers and Students

Lavrentev V. A., Khrustalev I. N.

XX International Scientific Conference ―”Onomastics of the Volga region”

Gornov V. A.

A Devotee of Science and Free Thought (Commemorating Mikhail Ivanovich Venyukov’s 190th Birth Anniversary)