2012-№1(34) Content


N.V. Anichkina

Senior school students’ independence formation as a component of reading skills development

N.N. Yelistratova

The role of multimedia technology in higher education

A.A. Kolesnikov, M.K. Denisov

Mediation competency formation in foreign language teaching

S.B. Petrygin

Martial arts, moral development, and physical education in Japan


V.A. Ignatyev

L. N. Tolstoy’s and I.I. Mechnikov’s ideas about long and happy life and easy death

S.G. Rumin

Moral and spiritual traditions in I. A. Ilyin’s creative work and discourses of consumption

A.V. Pronkina

Mass culture as a culturological category


A.A. Volodina

Z.YA. Dolenga-khodakovskiy’s scientific travel across Russia in the first quarter of the 19th century

O.G. Radkova, M.V. Strelets

Daniel Еphimovich Melamid (Melnikov) and his place in the study of history

S.V. Kovalev

The origin of ShaRya: Abu Hanifa and his time


T.V. Bednyagina

Mary of Еgypt in byzantine hagiography. genre peculiarities

A.V. Safronov

Comic elements in the book about national tragedy (parodical chapter of A.Solzhenitsyn’s «the Gulag Archipelago»)

R.A. Sokolova

The images of Gumilev, Akhmatova, and Reisner in Adel Alekseeva’s «Red and white novel»

N.S. Kolotilova

The reduction of actantial structures in novels


I.A. Zeltser, E.N. Moos

Methodological and instrument aspects of structural-sensitive x-ray spectroscopy of the surfaces of condensed media and nanostructures (part 2)

V.V. Gudzev, V.G. Litvinov, M.V. Zubkov

Automatic measuring and computing complex for deep-level relaxation spectroscopy

E.Kh. Naziev, A.Kh. Naziev, G.I. Keleynikova

Homogeneous linear differential systems with constant coefficients and the problem of eigenvalues (part 2)


All-Russian scientific conference « Grand Duke Oleg Ivanovich Ryazanskii – a great politician of the 2nd half of the 14th – beginning 15th centuries (Ryazan., the 21th of December, 2011)


International scientific conference “ Life and works of A.I. Solzhenitsyn: on the way to “ Red wheel”.