2014-№1(42) Content


L.P. Kostikova

The formation of students’ linguo-sociocultural  competence within the frames of the  acmeological  approach

A.A. Kolesnikov

The formation of personal self-determination in foreign language students

I.S. Pototskaya

Achievement motivation in pedagogically gifted novice teachers

N.N. Yelistratova

The formation of information culture in foreign students of military higher educational institutions of the ministry of defense of the Russian Federation by multimedia technology

N.N. Teslikova

Innovation technology in the Russian language and speech standards classroom as a means of developing law students’ communicative competence and creativity


M.Yu. Gosudareva

The establishment of the 3rd Commission on commerce

I.N. Trofimova

Socio-territorial factors of local self-governance development in Russia

I.M. Erlikhson

Religious and moral aspects of humanity in European social and political journalism of the late 17th – early 18th centuries (Pierre Bayle and Bernard Mandeville)

A.G. Osyaev

A comparative study of Swedish legislation (Swedish constitutions of 1719 and 1772)


I.Yu. Kremer

The concepts of knowledge and inference in academic discourse

N.S. Kolotilova

Doublet forms in the modern German language (linguistic heritage and new norms)

S.N. Pyatkin, P.M. Tikhonova

The calendar of S.A.Yessenin’s poem «Anna Sneghina»

V.G. Reshetov

The elements of the past in Heinrich Heine’s poem «Atta troll: a midsummer night’s dream


V.A. Krivtsov, A.Yu. Vorobyev

Spatial patterns and formation of floodplain morphology of the Oka river in the Ryazan region

L.A. Ruzhinskaya

The analysis of life quality in the Ryazan region


M.T. Teryokhin, I.S. Potapova

The conditions of reduction the matrix to diagonal form

V.V. Lukashenko, V.A. Romanchuk

Mathematical modeling of virtual clusters of grid-enabled system programs on the basis of neuroprocessors


A.A. Reshetova

“A.I. Solzhenitsyn’s heritage in modern cultural space in Russia and abroad”: anniversary conference in Ryazan (December, 2013)