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L.M. Balakireva

The Case of I. Redin, a Law Clerk (1727–1731)

V.A. Savintsev

The Initial Stage of a Church Split Scenario in the Ryazan Eparchy (the Late 17th – Early 18th Centuries)

P.V. Galkin, N.V. Lovyagin

The Relationships between Local Councils and the Central Government in Autumn 1905 as Described by The Manchester Guardian

N.I. Gorlova

Voluntary Practices in Pre-Revolutionary Russia    

E.V. Bodrova, V.V. Kalinov

Assessing the USSR Industrial Development in the1950s  

V.V. Bozhichko

Complaints Issued by Collective Farm Workers of the Ryazan Region in the 1940s–1950s

S.A. Vassilyeva, I.M. Erlihson

New Cultural History (Methodological Prospects of Intellectual History and History of Social Practices in Interdisciplinary Historical-Penal Research)

A.G. Prazdnikov

Lords in the Period of the War of the Roses: Models of Social Behavior during the Period of Political Instability in 1461–1471     

A.M. Rodriguez

Islam. Challenges of Globalization   




A.N. Pashkurov

Russian National Myth  in A.P. Sumarokov’s drama “Pustynnik” (“The Hermit”)

T.B. Rynchag

N.M. Karamzinʼs Narrative Technique: Adoption and Transformation

N.I. Tangaeva

M.N. Makarov on the Evolution of Russian Folk Tales  (Based on Printed Materials of 1830–1833)

I.S. Leonov

Orthodox Parishioners as Depicted by Modern Orthodox Writers (at the Example of A. Shantayevʼs, A. Lisnyakʼs,  S. Mikhalevichʼs Literary Works)

T.S. Korotkova, N.M. Shchedrina

Character-Narrator Interaction in A.I. Solzhenitsynʼs “Cancer Ward”

N.S. Kolotilova

Reduction of actantial structures in children’s literature

E.S. Mikhaleva

The Conceptual Representation of Fear  in Short Stories by Ambrose Bierce

A.G. Golodov

Information war strategy in dynamics and its verbal methods (on the basis of German mass periodic)   

P.D. Doronina

Adolescent Use of Language in Social Networks




V.A. Krivtsov, A.V. Vodorezov

Relief as a Factor Predetermining the Structure of Territorial Resources of the Ryazan Region  

A.Yu. Vorobyev, S.V. Puzakov

The Dynamics of Side Erosion of the Concave Banks of the Oka River in its Middle Course in the 19th – 20th Centuries and NowadaysЕ

E.V. Biryukova

Small Town Social-Economic Peculiarities in the Tambov Region 



Professor Elena Victorovna Arkhipova (to the 60th anniversary)



O.V. Nikitin

Review on K.B. Ermishinaʼs “Prince N.S. Trubetskoy. His life and research work: biography”  


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