2023 №3 (80) Content


Mitrofanov V. V.

“I deeply appreciate your kind attitude towards me” letters  from Ilya Gurlyand to S. F. Platonov (1900–1915)

Krot M. N. 

The “soft power” of Russian political nationalism: a conservative concept  of Russian supranational imperial statehood in the 2nd half of the 19th — early 20th century

Reent Yu. A. 

Formation of Russian agricultural cooperation guided by party and state authorities  (on the centenary of V. I. Lenin’s article On cooperation)

Bodrova E. V., Kalinov V. V. 

Development of tool-making industry in post-war USSR as a factor hindering scientific and technological revolution

Antonov A. S. 

Transformation of the model of local self-government during the crisis and subsequent dismantling of the Soviet political system at the end of the 20th century in Ryazan Region

Rodriguez-Fernandez A. M. 

Nationalist ideologies of “mass action” in South and Southeast Asia before and after World War II

Kirsanova A. V. 

“To those fallen for God and Spain:” history of the memorial site “Valley of the Fallen”


Storozheva A. A. 

The image of a wolf in the steppe animalistics of Ancient Rus’: semantics and poetics

Zenevich E. V., Afanasyeva E. M. 

The image of a falling star in poems by Yu. V. Zhadovskaya

Annushkin V. I., Lan Haofang 

Interpretations of images of classical Chinese poetry in Russian translations (poems about separation)

Arutyunova A. M. 

Teenage crisis of faith in the hero of John Updike’s story Pigeon Feathers

Sidorova O. G., Poluektova T. A. 

Functionality of photographic ekphrasis in the genre of a Christmas story (J. Coe, P. Auster)

Tsareva E. V. 

Document and fiction in Julian Barnes’s The Man in the Red Coat

Fedoseeva L. N., Loginov A. V. 

Dialogue Functions and Dialogization Effects in Poetic Text (based on the works of V. S. Vysotsky

Kuranova T. P., Vladimirova O. N. 

Trends in word-formation during the COVID-19 pandemic


Makhinov A. N., Makhinova A. F. 

Influence of high floods on the dynamics in floodplain islands of the Amur River

Tobratov S. A., Zheleznova O. S., Kostikova O. S., Shilkina Yu. N. 

Analysis of influence of lowland relief on air currents in the atmospheric boundary layer (based on radio sounding data)