2010-№3(28) Content


O.A. Bobyleva

The conceptual propositions of the formation of social education values in Russian pedagogy of the 20th century

N.N. Sbitneva

Pedagogical trends in Germany of the 19th century in the context of integrated education

I.M. Mikova

Theoretical-methodological basis of academic mobility of university students in Russia

A.V. Oleynikov

The reflexive type of military training under the conditions of informatization of military higher education institutions


N.G. Glubokova, S.V. Demidov

Anglo-Italian relations and the formation of the «Stresa front»

B.V. Safronov

Asia-pacific economic cooperation (APEC) forum in Oakland in 1999

Yu.V. Geraskin, A.Yu. Mikhaylovsky

The problem of compiling the biography of metropolitan Nikodim (Rotov)

N.B. Cheltsova, K.I. Dagargulia, J.S. Jushmanova

The history of the biostation of Ryazan state university named for S.A. Yessenin


I.V. Pakhomova

Ideas of love in R.M. Rilke’s essay «The testament»

S.A. Aboudaif

Anthony Burgess and Vikram Seth as twentieth century verse novelists: a critical survey


Yu.A. Lapitskiy

The legal basis for the activity of the investigative committee of the Russian federation

V.E. Yuzhanin

The mechanism for imprisoning as a way of meting out punishments

S.E. Akulshina

The institute of ombudsman as a means to protection of children’s rights


J.O. Kochetkova

Theoretical and methodological aspects of ecological and geomorphological territory assessment

S.I. Shishov

Geographic and geochemical peculiarities of sinkholes in the Ryazan region


V.V. Tregulov, V.A. Stepanov, G.N. Skoptsova

Atomic-force microscopy investigation of CdS thin film surfaces obtained by hydrochemical deposition

Yu.D. Slukina, E.Ya. Chernyak, A.A. Baranov

Thermal mass spectrometry as a method of ecological monitoring

D.V. Almazov, A.V. Alpatov, Yu.V. Vorobyev, S.A. Kostryukov, V.G. Mishustin

The investigation of barrier structures based on nanostructured disordered semiconductors

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