2010-№4(29) Content


L.P. Kostikova

Students’ humanistic values formation in competence-based higher education

N.N. Elistratova

Contemporary problems of higher education informatization

Lazarev Yu.V.

S.N. Brailovsky’s scientific and pedagogical activity


A.M. Rodrigues

Ethno-territorial synthesis of African Muslims’ civilization

A.V. Borzov

Church-state relations in R.Reagan’s domestic policy

A.S. Starikov

An anthology of war neurosurgery


T.V. Fedoseeva, O.N. Shanaeva

G.R. Derzhavin’s spiritual ideas as reflected in his later works (1790-1810)

S.A. Makurenkova

Poetic apotheoses: Goethe as a topical issue of Russian literature.

V.G. Reshetov

A strange stanza of S.A.Yessenin’s poem “The black man”

M.A. Semkin

Genre peculiarities of political comment in the aspect of discourse analysis


Yu.M. Reznik

Social-humanitarian management technologies

K.N. Lokshina

Local self-governments in Russia and the FRG: a comparative analysis


I.A. Zeltser, E.N. Moos

Ion-implantation of boron, arsenic, helium, phosphorus, argon and nitrogen in crystal silicon

A.A. Deev

Emission in frictional contact as a means of monitoring sliding surfaces at the stage of internal combustion engine aging

A.M. Lavrov

A progression problem suggested at the correspondence round of the conquer «The vorobyevy gory competition»


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