2011-№2(31) Content


YU.G. Antonova

Professional-creative competence in the structure of pedagogical culture

S.G. Rumin

Spiritual and moral principles of patriotism in I.A.Ilyin’s ethics

A.A. Shipyakova

Teaching mathematics in military higher educational institutions: the self-reflexive approach


T.L. Labutina

Friends and foes in imaginology: xenophobia in anglo-russian relations in the 16th-18th centuries.

A.V. Shandra

Churchills «White Paper» and arab-jewish confrontation in Palestine at the beginning of the 1920-s

K.A. Kiselyov

Sudan in 1956: independence and political split.


Z.A. Miroshnikova

Nouns and verbs in the system of inter-categorial derivation

A.P. Vlaskin

Should we ask the devil questions about god? (On the basis of F.M. Dostoevsky’s novel «The brothers Karamazov»)

A.V. Podgorskiy

English memoirists of the 17th century: B. Whitelocke


V.A. Krivtsov, M.M. Komarov

Geomorphological demarcation of the Ryazan region

A.V. Vodorezov

The natural complexes of Sosnovsky nature preserve


A.V. Naumkin

Auger-spectroscopy of graphene and graphene-like structures.

N.V. Konenkov, YU.V. Strashnov, M.N. Mahmudov

Parametric resonance excitation of ion oscillations in quadrupole RF field.


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