2022 №1 (74) Content



Chichenev S. A. To the History of Spassky Zaretsky Monastery  as Described in an Unpublished Document  of the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts


Mokshin G. N. “A Fighter”: J. I. Kablitz  and the Narodnik Movement in the 1870s


Yurkina N. N. Student Unrest and Turmoil in Russia  in the Late 19th — Early 20th Centuries


Kometchikov I. V. Emergency Management Practices of Regional and District Officials  in Western Russia (1941–1946)


Agapov G. A. The Castilian Civil War and Anglo-French Conflicts  in the 1360s


Ovchinnikov V. M. The Formation and Development of the French Colonial Artillery   in the Second Half of the 17th — First Half of the 18th Centuries


Makutchev A. V. “On the Designs of Russia”, a Book by Colonel G. De Lacy Evans (1787–1870) and its Place in the Discussion of Anglo-Russian Relations in the Second Quarter of the 19th Century


Kryzhko L. A. The Formation of the US Attitude to a Military Operation  against Egypt on the Eve of the 1956 Suez Crisis


Minkova K. V. To the Issue of Relying on Political and Economic Theories  when Investigating the Causes of the Cold War




Tangayeva N. I. Sentimental Traditions in M. N. Makarov’s  “Letters of a Russian Traveler”  (1805 and 1824)


Fedoseeva T. V., Ushakova D. O. J. P. Polonsky’s Bibliographical Essays



Milenko V. D. The Unknown Pages of B. K. Pronin’s Mansard in Moscow




Tobratov S. A., Zheleznova O. S., Vodorezov A. V. Natural Cyclicity of Explosive Volcanism


Krivtsov V. A., Vodorezov A. V., Nikiforova E. M. Tourism and Recreational Appeal of the Landscape  of the Para-Pronsk Geomorphological District