2013-№4(41) Content


P.V. Akulshin, I.N. Grebenkin

Historical and cultural standard: concept, recommendation contents.

E.G. Tarabrin

Historiography of the history textbooks for schools: realities and opportunities.

A.S. Sokolov

Coverage of new economic policy problems in textbooks on the history of Russia for high school


E.N. Polischuk

The women’s movement in Russia: need of time or anarchy?

N.N. Ababkova

Ideological and theoretical basis of cultural policy in the south of the Far East of the Soviet union in the field of theatrical art at the initial stage of restructuring.

E.N. Kostyileva  

The activities of the state mortgage banks 1882-1895 years (according to the materials of the Ryazan province)

T.V. Krasilschikova

The budget issue in the U.S. Congress 106-th convocation


K.R. Vaganova

Formula of language requirements for business during the first half of the 19th century (based on the investigative decree)

N.A. Bigunova

Integration of positive assessment of speech acts in the structure of dialogical discourse (based on modern English).

N.V. Dolgova

Traditions of people’s theatrical laughter culture in   V.V. Nabokov’s novels  “Camera Obscura” and “Lolita”.

E.N. Chernozemova

Doctor Faust in English: update image of  Merlin in the 20th century literature.


V.A. Krivtsov, S.A. Pravkin

Features of presentation and conditions of landslides on the slopes of the river valley Oka within Ryazan region.

M.M. Komarov

White lake – a unique natural object on the territory of Ryazan region

A.V. Vodorezov, N.V. Vodorezova, M.M. Komarov,  M.A. Kubenina, S.I. Shishov

Features of dangerous relief-forming processes in the middle basin of the Oka river (on the example of settlement old  Ryazan according to the monitoring


M.T. Teryoxin, E.S. Dyuba

Mathematical methods of research of some franchise system problems

O.V. Zacepina

Classification of hypercomplexes of lines in the frame in first order


I.N. Grebenkin

International scientific conference “M.D. Skobelev  and modern times (in commemoration of  the  170th anniversary of his birth ).

 P.V. Kvartnikov, J.V. Lazarev

International scientific conference “Sergey Yessenin and art”