2018 №3 (60) Content



A.A. Sevastyanova  

Rare Manuscripts of the 17th–19th Centuries   in the State Archive of the Ryazan Region 


D.A. Melnikova  

The History of Horse Breeding in the Russian Empire    in the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries in Russian Historiography     


A.M. Semenov  

Appealing to the Top-Echelon Authorities    in the Kingdom of Poland in the 19th Century     


L.N. Tokhtiyeva, S.A. Kartashov  

The Formation of Institutions Promoting People’s Employment    in Pre-revolutionary Russia  


M.V. Khodyakov  

Manchurian Bread and Russian National Interests   in the Middle East before the Outbreak of World War I   


Yu.V. Syroyegina  

Establishing Infirmaries and Hospitals    in the Ryazan Region during World War I    


D.N. Konyshev  

Demographic Processes and Labor Resources in Rural Areas  in 1945–1964  at the Materials of the Volga-Vyatka Region     


O.D. Popova  

He Who Works Not, Eats Not? Soviet Propaganda and the Development  of Property Perception   in Soviet Citizens in the 1960s    (at the Material of “The Letters to the Government”)    


O.I. Amurskaya  

The Image of a Statesman: Synchronic and Diachronic Analysis     




S.A. Tobratov, O.S. Zheleznova, A.V. Vodorezov  

Landscape Geochemistry of Modern    and Ancient Peat Accumulation in Meschera   


V.A. Krivtsov, A.V. Vodorezov, S.V. Solonin, S.A. Tobratov  

The Potential of Creating and Using New Protected Areas of Geological  and Geomorphological Interest   in the Ryazan Region     


T.V. Vatlina, N.N. Voytenkova  

The Formation and Perspective Development  of a Green Belt around Smolensk    


S.P. Yevdokimov, A.M. Nosonov  

Agricultural Zoning of the Smolensk Region     




 I.V. Denisova  

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Ryazan    (Analyzing the Chronicles)   


A.V. Safronov  

A Rebellious Character in Search of Love and Freedom:    the Image of Oleg Kostoglotov   in A.I. Solzhenitsyn’s Novel “Cancer Ward”   


I.V. Shchurova  

Personification and Objectification in Galina Shcherbakova’s Novel   “Women in a Game without Rules”  


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