2020 №3 (68) Content


Sofyin D. M.

Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia and Local Self-Government in Moscow


Mitrofanov V. V.

“Tell Sergey Fedorovich his most loyal student sends him her best regards”: M. A. Postnikova’s (Alexandrova’s) Letters from Khabarovsk


Gorlova N. I.

Social and Cultural Prerequisites for the Formation of Voluntary Assistance Schemes in Russia


Kryukova S. S.

Peasant Communities of the 1920s: from Imperial Law to Soviet Common Law


Bogdashina I. V.

Women’s Social Memory of Daily Life through Diaries (1951–1969) of a Female Dweller of Stalingrad (Volgograd)


Abramov Yu. I., Mostyaev Yu. N.

To the Issue of the History of Regional Party System Formation in the Ryazan Region (1993–2000)


Povalishnikova S. R., Zakharova O. V.

Everyday Life of German Prisoners of War in the Russian Empire during World War I (on the basis of personal documents)


Dzhenchakova O. A.

To the History of the Issue of Cabinda (a Historical Aspect of Modern Angola’s Development)




Dubrovina S. Yu.

Religious Beliefs Reflected in Creative Word-formation Patterns of Russian Dialects


Lapteva N. A.

The System of Images in F. I. Chudakov’s Autobiographical Short Story “Editorial Meeting”


Ganin V. N., Kiselev P. A.

Two Variants of “Lolita” by V. V. Nabokov: a Dialogue of Russian and English Literatures


Strukova T. G.

A New Character of French Novels of the 21st Century (M. Page “How I Became Stupid”)




Utkina A. O.

The Influence of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment on the River Flow of the Upper Volga during the Last Glacial Period


Krivtsov V. A., Vodorezov A. V., Nikiforova E. M.

The Assessment of Tourism and Recreation Attractiveness of the Meshchera Lowland Geomorphological Region (Ryazan)




Erlikhson I. M.

The Social and Psychological Portrait of a Modern Woman (Reviewing the bookby Krelenko N. S., Chernova L. N., Kostina A. K. Takie raznye… Sud’by anglijskih intellektualok Novogo vremeni [So Different… The Fates of Modern English Women Intellectuals]. Moscow, Dmitry Pozharsky University Publ., 2018, 352 p.)


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