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Mitrofanov V. V.

New Facts about M. A. Alexandrova,  the First Head of Ryazan Teachers’ Institute for Women


Dzheyranov S. N.

Church and State in Central Russia during the Era of Collectivism


Gamaley S. Yu.

The History of Creating and Developing  the National Jewish Theatre named for L. Kaganovich  in the 1930s 27


Agarev A. F., Kuryshkin V. P.

The German-Soviet Non-aggression Pact of 23 August 1939. Its Meaning and Significance 35


Bodrova E. V., Kalinov V. V.

A Dramatic Turn in Oil Production and Oil Refining at the End of World War II: the Mechanics of Implementation


Bogdashina I. V.

The Image of a Soviet Woman as Depicted by Mass Media in the 1950s–1960s and Engraved in Social Memory  (regional aspects)


Drobotushenko E. V.

The Characteristucs of Buddhism in the Chita Region in the Early 1980s


Yakovlev A. A.

Naturalization, Labor and Market:  Three Essays by John Locke


Nikiforov D. I.

Serbia and the Support of an Uprising in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1875–1878


Rodriguez-Fernandez A. M.

Political Islam in the Social Life of Afghanistan (Late 20th — Early 21st Centuries)



Gracheva I. V.

Curiosities and Rarities of Handwritten Manuscripts in the State Archive of the Ryazan Region


Vorotnikova A. E.

Postmodernist Features in W. Gerhardie’s Novel “The Polyglots”





Shasherina L. V., Stefutin S. A.

The Paleomorpholigic Conditions of the Formation of the Settlementof Shitkino  (Northwest Russia)


Tyumentseva Ye. M.

The Modern State and the Dynamics of Minor Landforms Found  in the Steppes of the Southern-Minusinsk Hollow




Bogomolov I. K.

A Novel Attempt at Writing the Women’s History  of the Russian Revolution.  (Reviewing: Cox’s J. The Women’s Revolution: Russia 1905–1917. Chicago, Haymarket Book Publ., 2019, 133 p.)   


Chemyakin Ye. Yu.

On Translation of D. Chakrabarty’s  “Provincializing Europe”


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