2019 №2 (63) Content


 Kozlyakov V. N. 

On the Early Stage of the First Russian Home Guard Formation:    P. P. Lyapunov, I. N. Sunbulov and the Battle of Pronsk


 Sudovikov M. S.

The History of Business Culture Formation in Russian Provinces    (the late 19th — early 20th centuries)


Imanakhmedova Z. G. 

The Role of Merchants in the Development of Russian Trade in the East:  the Fortress of Kizlyar (the late 18th – early 19th centuries)


Geraskin Yu. V., Jayranov S. N.

The Authorities and the Clergy during the Period of Collectivization  in the Ryazan Province


Novikov M. D. 

Soviet Peopleʼs Attitude to State Lottery Winnings in 1946–1957 


Bodrova E. V., Kalinov V. V.

Attempts to Reform the Russian Academy of Science in the Late 1990s


Popova A. D. 

Made in the USSR: Soviet Myths as a Component of Russian Mentality    and their Historical Transformation


Kirillina S. A., Rogacheva E. Yu.  

Egypt as a Center of Wisdom in Medieval Islamic Middle East 


Zotov S. A.

The Interconnection of Democracy and Education in British Press  of the Victorian Era (T. Carlyle, J.S. Mill)



Baranov D. V., Tretnichenko A. S. 

The Geomorphologic Structure of the Volga Valley  and the Adjoining Interfluvial Plains  in the Vicinity  of the Village of Seslavye (the Tver Region)


Vorobyev A. Yu., Kadyrov A. S., Zaytsev D. А. 

Morphological Peculiarities of the Oka Floodplain   in its Narrow Part near the Village of Konstantinovo 



Nikiforova A. Yu. 

The Chronotope of Hymnography 


Raykhlina E. L., Lobanova E. V. 

Folktale Motifs in A. S. Pushkin’s Poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila”


Fenko S. A. 

Impressionistic Criticism: Genesis and Principles


Tolkachev S. P. 

Multicultural Literature: Responding to New Challenges of the 21st Century 



 Sheroziya G. A., Sheroziya M. G.

Artificial Intelligence and Some Aspects of Human Thinking  when Solving Non-computable Problems


Liskina E. Yu., Andreev A. S.

Mathematical Modeling of the Industrial Potential of Russian Regions


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