2017 №1(54) Content


V.J. Maul

Lazar Tenenik before and after imprisonment (the fate of a leader of the Chernihiv peasants’ uprising)

K.V. Timchenko

The role of Mikhail N. Krechetnikov in the provincial reform of Catherine the Great at the territory

of the Ryazan province in the 18th century

V.I. Durov, D.E. Gabelko

Assessing the prospects of military aeronautics in Russian military theory of the early 20th century

O.V. Plekhanova

The role of tax administration in granting tax exemption in the late 1920s in the central industrial region of Russia

V.A. Savintsev

The old believer community in the village of Isady

G.A. Goncharov

Influence of the Great Patriotic war 1941–1945 on demographic processes (on materials of the Kirov region)

E.A. Zemtsova

Greek identity in the archaic and classical periods

L.V. Arkhipova

Ch. Dickensʼ, J. Ruskinʼs, and B. Shawʼs views on school reform

D.A. Marshuba

German nationalist political elite as reflected in the “New-York Times” during the election campaign in 1929–1930

V.I. Shlykov

Under the banner of Allah towards the Turkish war of independence: Islamic institutions in the national campaign of 1919–1923

E.V. Popova

Benazir Bhuttoʼs road to power


L.A. Olshevskaya, A.A. Reshetova, S.N. Travnikov

Legendary variations of pilgrimsʼ itineraries during the reign of Peter the great

O.V. Nikitin

The Brockhaus and Efron encyclopedic dictionary (1890–1907): compilation, personalities, linguistic problems

O.E. Pokhalenkov

The motif of social adaptation and its function in R. Aldingtonʼs novel “All men are enemies” and E. Hemingwayʼs novels “Fiesta (And the sun also rises)”

V.N. Ganin

The image of nature in Ted Hughesʼ “Hawk roosting”

O.I. Kirdyaeva

Peter Ackroydʼs “The last testament of Oscar Wilde”: the transformation of the Mythologemes of portrait, Mephistopheles, and garden in Oscar Wildeʼs “The picture of Dorian Gray”

E.P. Zharkova

The garden symbolism in Margaret Atwoodʼs dystopian novels “The handmaidʼs tale” and the “Maddaddam” trilogy

E.V. Tega

The dialectic of light and darkness in Jeanette Wintersonʼs novel “Lighthousekeeping”

N.P. Titova

The image of a musician and musical ekphrasis in P. Quignardʼs novel “All the worldʼs mornings”


V.A. Krivtsov, A.V. Vodorezov, A.Yu. Vorobyev

The peculiarities of the Oka floodplain composition and structure (the village of Polovskoe, Ryazan region)

A.Yu. Vorobyev

The scope and manifestations of anthropogenic morpholithogenesis in the central Oka floodplain in the Ryazan region

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