2020 №4 (69) Content



Tsemenkova S. I.

The First Mapakers of the Ural Mines: Mikhail Silych Kutuzov


Krylova E. N.

State Supervision of the Periodicals Distribution System   in Russia in the Early 20th Century


Larina E. V.

The Role of Schools of Factory and Plant Apprenticeship in the Training of Qualified Industrial Workers and Servicemen in the 1920s   (based on the materials of Moscow and the Moscow Region)


Sindeev A. A.

The Formation of Russian Foreign Policy Principles and Strategies: S. V. Lavrov as a Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Security Council (2000–2004)    


Kosykh T. A.

“I am willing to love all mankind, except an American”: Britain’s North American Colonies in Samuel Johnson’s Works    


Sidorkina T. S.

British Intellectuals and the British Government: Junius vs Grafton Administration (1768–1770)


Shipitsina Yu. S.

Botanical Illustration in Britain in the Late 18th Century — Early 19th Century in the Context   of the Formation of a Taxonomic Approach to Exploration


Sozinova K. A.

Reading as an English Lady’s Accomplishment in the Second Half of the 18th Century


Rodriguez-Fernandez A. M.

Islamism in the Political Strategy of Pakistan (Late 20th-Early 21st Centuries)


Selivanova I. V.

The Formation of Historiography and Public Opinion in Mexico in the 19th Century




Osovsky O. E., Kirzhaeyeva V. P.

Mikhail Mikhaylovich Bakhtin: Reconstructing a Scholarly Biography (Part 1)


Li Xinmei

Modern Russian Literature in China: an Overview of Research


Subakozhoeva Ch. T.

The History of Collecting and Writing down the Manas Epos




Mitrofanov V. V.

A Bright representative of the St. Petersburg Historical School. A review of V. A. Solomonov and N. N. Zaytseva’s book “Pavel Grigoryevich Lyubomirov: the Vicissitudes of a Historian’s Life”   (Moscow, New Chronographer Publ., 2019, 240 p.)




Karvitskaya G. V.

All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Business Development and Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Region: Compromise and Ways of Interaction”, November 11, 2020


Kuleshova N. N., Trykanova S. A.

Online Interuniversity Conference “Regional Electoral System: Traditions, Characteristics and Practice”


Popova O. D.

The Forum of Historians at V. I. Lenin’s Motherland (“The Transformation of Historical Memory in Regions in the 20th — Early 21st Centuries”, an International Forum of Historians, Philosophers and Publicists Commemorating V. I. Lenin’s 150th Birth Anniversary)


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