2019 №3 (64) Content



Akulshin P. V. 

The International Research Conference  “A Century Ago: the End of World War I in the Old World”


Ayrapetov O. R.  

General M. V. Alekseev: between A. F. Kerensky and L. G. Kornilov  in September 1917 


Karimov O. V., Kalinov V. V. 

Intelligence-related Activities of the Russian Navy in the Early Years  of World War I in the Baltic Sea 


Kopylov N. A. 

The Czechoslovak Corps in World War I and the Russian Revolution:    from Neutrality to Confrontation 


Roman Yurkovsky 

Polish Community and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk  with the Ukrainian Central Rada (February 9, 1918)


Yaroslav Rubakha 

The Polish-Ukrainian War of 1918–1919 in the Reports  of the Cracow Daily Newspaper Czas (Time)


Ratkovsky I. S. 

Punitive and Repressive Practices Exercised  by the Volunteer Army  in its Early Years 


Chuvardin H. S. 

Emperor Cyril I and the Ultra-royalist Future of Russia:    Hopes, Frustration, False Pretences  


Vishnyakov Ya. V. 

Serbian Government and the Russian Revolution


Árpád Hornyák 

Territorial Disputes between Hungary  and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1918–1921


Csaba Katona 

The Transformation of Memories of the Great War   in Hungarian Journals and Memoirs


Sun Yizhi 

Shanghai Russians through the Prism of Shanghai Government Policy  and Community in 1922–1925 




Krivtsov V. A., Vodorezov A. V., Komarov M. M.

Geomorphologic Zonation of the Ryazan Region at the Local Level  


Yamskikh G. Yu., Makarchuk D. E., Lebedeva N. V. 

Paleographic Reconstruction of Holocene Climate    and Vegetation in the Valley of the Lugavka River (South-Minusinsk Basin)




Andreeva E. A. 

Russia and the West in David Samoylov’s Poem “Queen Anna”


Strukova T. G. 

Paris and Life. About E. Hemingway’s Book “A Moveable Feast”


Verevkina Yu. V. 

Words with Folk Etymology in V. Ovechkin’s Works 




Pakhomova I. V. 

A Russian Poet’s Fate. Review of L. F. Alekseeva’s Monograph  “Vassily Alexandrovich Sumbatov — a Russian Poet of the 20th Century” (Moscow : Moscow State Regional University, 2017. 299 р.) 




Erlihson I. M. 

30th Anniversary International Research-Practical Conference  “West and East: History and Perspectives of Development”,  April 18–19, 2019


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