2021 №2 (71) Content



Polovetsky S. D., Ovchinnikov A. V., Milovanov K. Yu.

Alexander II’s Educational Innovations:  the Implementation of the Great Reforms


Demichev А. А.

V. Nikitenko’s Diary as a Source of Information on Jurors in Post-reform Russia


Popova O. D.

The Transformation of Ecclesiastical Seminaries against the Background of Educational Reforms of the Second Half of the 19th Century — Early 20th Century through the Prism of Social Mobility


Tregubova M. S.

Shaping Masculine Identity in Military Education Institutions of Post-reform Russia (based on the memoirs of noblemen)  


Ponomarev E. V.

The Similarity of Theoretical and Practical Views of the Proponents  of Experimental Pedagogy in Late Post-reform Years  (at the example of the Stoyunina Gymnasium  and the Tenishev College)


Maul V. Ya.

The Great Reforms: a State Village in a Time of Change  (Chigirino Uezd, Kiev Province)


Sudovikov M. S.

The History of Social Movements in the Vyatka Province  during Alexander II’s Great Reforms


Bolshakova D. A.

Fire Prevention Measures in Vladimir Zemstvo and Ryazan Zemstvo in the Late 19th — Early 20th Centuries


Chikanova N. A.

The Image of N. M. Yadrintsev  in the Post-war Soviet Press


Nikonov O. А.

Khadija Mirza Agasi, an Unrecognized Genius?




Gracheva I. V.

Gemstone Symbolism in F. M. Dostoyevsky’s Novels


Alekseyev K. V.

Serfdom as a Social and Political Problem  in J. P. Polonsky’s Works


Potashova X. A.

Raphael’s Genius as Reflected  in V. A. Zhukovsky’s and A. S. Pushkin’s Works:  to the Issue of W. H. Wackenroder’s Influence  on Russian Literature



Vorobyev A. Yu.

The Initial Period of the Investigation of the Relief and Landscape of the Oka River Valley (the 19th Century — the 1940s)


Krivtsov V. A., Vodorezov A. V., Nikiforova E. M.

Tourist and Recreational Potential of the Pronya River Valley in the Ryazan Region of the Central Russian Upland


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