2020 №2 (67) Content


Maul V. Ya., Rybakova O. G.

Russian Wanderers Searching for the Kingdom of Opona on Women (Wanderings of Ural Cossacks in the Late 19th Century)         


Blokhin V. S.

The Construction of Russian Orthodox Churches in Erebuni in the 19th — Early 20th Centuries


Rykhtik P. P.

Tracing Pan-Slavism in Official Documents of the Military Department of the Russian Empire in the Early 20th Century


Geraskin Yu. V., Klenyaeva I. E.

The Peculiarities of Soviet Confessional Politics in the Mid-1960s in the Ryazan Region


Karimov O. V., Pumpyanskaya O. V.

Fates of Ryazan Citizens Participating in the Spanish Civil War


Valov T. V.

Russiaʼs Mass Privatization in 1992–1994 (on the materials of St. Petersburg). Part 2.


Kutsenko B. O.

The Russo-English Dispute over the Pamir Boundary: an Unfought War of 1902


Zakharova O. V., Noykova E. A.

The Origin of Feminism and the Feminist Movement in the Late 18th — Early 19th Centuries



Gavrilova L. A.

Studying Fyodor Dostoyevskyʼs “A Writerʼs Diary” at School


Sapozhkov S. V.

Poetry of the 1880s-1890s through the Prism of the Narodnik  and Symbolist Criticism 


Kirillova A. S.

The Peculiarities of A. L. Volynskyʼs Literature Reviews Created at the Turn  of the 19th — 20th Centuries


Dolgova N. V.

The Concept of Celebrity in V. V. Nabokovʼs Russian Novels


Boyko S. S.

Celestial Fire: the Fictional Universe of Olesya Nikolayevaʼs Stories


Strelnikova L. Yu.

Aristophanesʼ Comedy “The Clouds” as a Mirror Reflecting Spiritual Life   of the Age of Athenian Democracy


Shurupova O. S.

“A Lighthearted and Happy Person”  (Speech Characteristics of Rusanov,  a Character of A. I. Solzhenitsynʼs “Cancer Ward”)



Vodorezov A. V., Zaytsev D. G., Krivtsov V. A.

The Formation and Evolution of the Spassky Gully in Old Ryazan


Nikiforova E. M.

The Assessment of Tourism and Recreational Attractiveness of Ryazan Landscapes in the Oka-Klyazma Geomorphological Region



Potashova K. A.

About the “Visualizing Literary Images in Russian Poetry in the Late 18th-the First Third of the 19th Century” Project of the Russian Science Foundation


Semenova N. V.

Review of a Manual Written by L. G. Khoreva and Titled “Narrative Strategies in New and Modern Spanish Literature”


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